Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aaise Hai 29th March 2024 Written Update

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aaise Hai 29th March 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aaise Hai 29th March 2024 Written Episode

Chanchal tells Baa that they can go to Upleta, HemRaj asks what is the reaosn as what is in their hosue worth seeing, Baa asks HemRaj to let Chanchal go as it is necessary to see how they live, Kinjil says then even she they should decide who goes, Jilpa agrees but Jigar stops her however Chanchal takes her side, then Chanchal asks Samta if she will also go but then HemRaj asks Heta to go, however she says she has her school when Baa replies the school would not be closed rather the children will get happy, HemRaj leaves saying he will inform Ishwar.

Ishwar is sitting when he answers the call from HemRaj who reveals Chanchal is coming tomorrow to Upleta for some shopping, Ishwar replies they also were thinking to purchase the things from Rajkot, HemRaj replies that their Baa feels it is not right for the girl to come here, he says that whatever happens between them regarding the land, Ishwar requests him for a moment so goes to close the door and window, HemRaj says the formalities should happen as early as possible revealing he will send someone to the office so says no one should find about it, Ishwar asks him to not be worried before ending the call.

Nandini asks how is it when Mitesh praises, Ishwar also agrees when Mitesh questions what will she wear on the wedding, Nandini replies they have decided she will wear something special on the wedding so asks Manri to show it, Nandini in excitement takes it out but says it is wrong, she asks Mitesh to get it changed however Manri refuses saying it is her mistake, Nandini informs it is very expensive however Manri says it is very cheap as compare to the house she is going, informing that she should at least let them join in on her happiness explaining this dress has the blessings of her uncle, Nandini getting emotional turns to her uncle who is smiling,he says her aunt has said it right as the wedding day should be the most memorable and each and every moment filled with happiness. Nandini says the life they have given is already filled with happiness while their life ahead would also be very nice as they got the teachings from them both, she hugs them both however Mitesh says he is left, Ishwar informs the in laws are coming from Rajkot, Manri asks why did he agree as they have not prepared anything, Ishwar replies he was not able to refuse when Nandini assures she will clean it but should just say what they can make in lunch, Mitesh gives the suggestion but Nandini replies it is not for them, Nandini says they should serve the traditional Gujarati food. Manri sitting in front of the dress thinks for a moment before smiling.

In the morning Nandini is cleaning the fans while Mitesh is holing the ladder, she asks him to hold it tightly but Mitesh leaves saying he will come in five minutes, Nandini calls Naren who says he has a surprise asking how did she like the painting, she says it is even better then her when Naren questions how is it possible, he explains he cannot paint the simplicity of Nandini but she has the breaths of it, Nandini says he should also write a novel questioning from where does he bring the words, Naren says they just have twenty five days left after which she will belong to him forever, Naren says he does not know how to make the painting of tears, Nandini asks what can she do about them informing that she will be with him after twenty five days got her emotional, she says she will miss everything a lot including her house, farm and even Surbhi along with her family. Naren says it will never happen as he will bring her to Upleta after every month, Nandini asks if he is coming with maa but Naren says he has a lot of work and would even have to take a day off for their weeding, Naren asks where is she sitting now, she replies she was cleaning the house so is sitting on the ladder, Mitesh asks Nandini to keep working and not talk, she ends the call while hitting Mitesh.

In the morning Manri asks Nandini what is she doing explaining she must get ready as they might arrive at any moment however Nandini says they would never leave without having breakfast so asks Manri to start the preparations for the food, Nandini throws the water when Jalpa says that she ruined her saree, Chanchal asks her to stop, Manri comes calling her when Jalpa says that she seemed more beautiful in the painting, Nandini takes the blessings of Chanchal before also going to hug Heta and she apologizes. Manri apologizes for the condition in which Nandini is at the moment, she says that she felt they would get late when Jalpa asks if she thought they would come from the bus. Ishwar comes with Mitesh when Kinjil seeing the cow goes to take a selfie with her however Jalpa is awed by it.
Ishwar asks them all to come inside and be seated, Manri says Ishwar should call Mehul while asking Nandini to go and get ready, she leaves but Manri even asks Mitesh to come with them. Heta tells Chanchal she never thought HemRaj would fix a relation with such a family, Chanchal replies they always thought wrong of him, Mitesh comes to serve water but Jalpa drinks from her own bottle, Mitesh informs that Nandini told them about her condition so they brought mineral water for her when Jalpa asks if they even get the water in this village, Mitesh calls her aunti hearing which everyone starts smiling.

Manri says that she is glad they came to the house, Chanchal says that Baa told them they cannot bring Nandini to their house, so they had to come here. Nandini comes with the food and starts serving them all, Kinjil asks her to come and sit with them, she asks how does Nandini know so much about them all when they are meeting for the first time, Nandini replies that Naren has told her everything about them and she even talked with Maa and Heta Bua yesterday, Jalpa asks if Nandini herself does the household chores or are there servants but then explains that how can she afford the servants.

Precap: Mehul comes to ask Nandini about the papers, she apologizes saying that she forgot to look after them as she gave Surbhi her food, HemRaj asks Ishwar how can Nandini be so careless when she is about to become the daughter in law of such a big house, he even asks how can Ishwar keep such important papers anywhere.

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