Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 31st October 2015 Written Update

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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 31st October 2015 Written Update by Tanaya

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 31st October 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with koyal asking maddy how did i come here my head is paining what happened to me. He says you relax you are alright now. She says tomorrow is my exam i have to study i can’t fail i have to go n study. Raj outside says to paro n ghosh that why did they hurt koyal? He says if anything happens to koyal he won’t spare them. He says if you have problem with me so hurt me why koyal? Paro cries n ghosh n paro plead him. He says if they do it again then he won’t spare them. They say they wont do it again. Koyal says to maddy if i fail mom n dad will seperate me n raj. Raj comes n says no one can seperate us. We will be together always. Maddy says i ll go. Raj says to koyal u don’t loose hope. We have full night left. You’ll definitely pass. Nothing will happen. Koyal cries n they both hug each other. He says don’t cry. They both keep looking at each other. In background kuch toh h tere mere darmiyaan……plays. She kisses his hand. He says i ll go n come quickly. Koyal saya i love u n he too in return says i love u too. He goes out n he n maddy discuss about how will koyal pass. Raj says i ll get passed but what about koyal. Raj gets hyper. Maddy says i ll teach her all night n she’ll get pass. Raj says in one night its not at all possible. He says now there is only one option. He says i ll steal the papers only for koyal n i ll not even see the papers. Maddy says dont do this its not right are you mad. Raj gets hyper n pushes maddy when he tries to stop him from going. Then maddy gives raj the promise of his friendship n says if you respect our friendship u won’t go. Maddy goes. Raj says that sorry but i ll have to break this promise for my koyal. He goes. Samar comes to the college to meet raj whom he yet assumes as the blackmailer. He says today i ll show raj the meaning of blackmailing n what i am. Shobhu comes to the college n says i ll take money from samar n then reveal his truth to taani. He goes in. Raj comes with his bike to college to take the papers. Samar is going inside the college n hears the noise of someone coming which is actually raj. Both are unaware thay they are there. Raj, samar n shobhu hit n miss each other but do not realize that they there. Finally then samar sees raj going in the principal’s cabin. He says that what is he doing at principal’s cabin when he has called me on the terrace. He recalls everything about raj n says that now i ll teach him a lesson. He goes to him n then hides. Raj seses that someone is there. He turns but doesn’t find anybody. He then goes in the cabin. Samar is about to go there n he hears someone coming n hides. Shobhu comes n feels someone is there but says its no one n says that now samar’s truth will be revealed n after taking the money sanju’s all problems will be finished. He goes before samar sees that who else is there. Samar says that now i wont spare raj. At home, rosy n amrik come n say to paro n ghosh that what happened to koyal we got to know now. Paro says she took sleeping tablets instead of fever’s tablets. They get worried n rush to see her. Paro blames ghosh that it happened beacuse of him n ghosh blames paro. The door bell rings n the doctore comes n gives the reports. He says i personally came it to give you because you know that someone would have got know. Paro pleads him not to tell anyone. He goes n they both are tensed. Maddy is going to koyal’s house n while going he says raj is not doing right n he doesnt know that he can’t take koyal by doing this. A friend of maddy comes n stops him n says dont study so much maddy n says to him come for raavan dahan it ll be fun all friends are there even raj is there saying he goes. Maddy says it means raj is going to take the papers. He says i have to stop raj. The episode ends on maddy’s tensed face.

Precap:- Raj gets the papers n says finally i got it. He looks out n sees someone unaware that its samar looking at him. Samar hides n raj goes to see who it is

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      I became crazy. Tara deewani.

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