Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with RV telling Khushi that he knew that she will try to talk to her sister, after knowing everything and that’s why I kept this video ready, and asks her to go and tell Poorvi, then he will make the MMS of the photos, and will leak it and make it viral. He says then what will happen, before Poorvi’s life gets ruined, your life will be ruined, your marriage will be ruined, your sasural life will be ruined, and everything will be finished. He says your Dada ji Tandon ji might get the heart attack like my father got and says I heard that he is a heart patient already. He says like my mother was humiliation, your mother will be humiliated and will be thrown out of society and your sister Diya, the same thing will happen with her which happened with my sister. He asks her to go and tell Poorvi, then the MMS will go to Armaan and others, and you will be ruined. Khushi asks him not to do this. Poorvi comes there.

Prachi tells that she doesn’t know how to live with Poorvi. Diya says she is missing her so much and her heart gets empty seeing the empty side of bed. Prachi says I have three daughters and not two. Diya says yes. Manpreet says we shall search groom for her. Diya says she wants the groom to come here. Manpreet asks her not to tell her Nani and Maa. Diya asks why did you bring these clothes? Prachi says Poorvi has taken some clothes and will wear this when she comes here. Manpreet tells that she will need ordinary clothes also, she can’t wear heavy ones always.

Poorvi looks at the kumkum on the floor and says it is very inauspicious, nothing wrong shall happen. RV has hidden with Khushi. Poorvi picks the kumkum from the floor and goes to bathroom. RV asks Khushi if she wants to tell her and asks her to leave. Khushi says you are doing wrong and will repent. He asks if you had repented. Khushi goes. Poorvi comes out of bathroom and asks RV what is he doing here? RV says he came to call her. Deepika tells everyone that Khushi went. Harman says RV might have handled her. Deepika tells that Khushi didn’t know that Rajvansh is RV when the marriage happened. Harleen asks how do you know? Deepika says RV tells me everything and he has a valid reason to tell me. Vikrant says yes. RV and Poorvi comes downstairs. Damini/Vaishali tells that she has not put the veil. Poorvi puts veil on her head and asks RV to hold her hand, so that she can walk. RV gives his hand and he makes her sit Poorvi on the sofa. Poorvi doesn’t leave his hand. RV asks her not to worry and says he is here only. Poorvi says his words are enough. The guest lady praises Poorvi and RV’s Jodi. Poorvi tells her that when she was feeling cold in the morning, RV closes the window so that she doesn’t feel cold. She praises him. A lady gives diamond necklace to Poorvi. Deepika tells that she will take it, as they have given more costly necklace to her bahu.

Dadi and Nupur are shocked with her behavior. Monisha comes to the party and everyone looks at her. Khushi looks at her and goes. Deepika taunts Poorvi saying she is middle class, which means she has no class. Dadi hears her. Damini comes there and asks poorvi if she can sing. Harleen says if she couldn’t sing then shall tell her, and tells that someone had sang badly in her muh dikhayi rasam. Harleen tells that she will go and check the Servants and food. Damini asks Poorvi to stand up and walk, as Binni aunty didn’t see her walking. Dadi thinks she shall call Dada ji, it is too much now. Deepika asks if you want to say that RV felt sympathetic for her and that’s why he married her. She tells that Poorvi was supposed to marry a middle class Ashutosh and then someone else was also there, but she don’t remember middle class names. She tells that Poorvi is lucky that RV married her. Damini asks Poorvi to walk to show Binni aunty. Poorvi walks to a distance. The guests look on surprised. Damini asks her to walk in the left and right, and says everyone shall know her walking skills.

Precap: Yug tells Monisha that RV got married to Poorvi. Monisha tells Deepika and Harleen that she is RV’s fiance, you know. Damini asks Poorvi to walk. Monisha asks RV what is special in her. RV says Poorvi is Khushi’s sister.

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