Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 13th May 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Monisha asking Poorvi if she got what she wanted and says you might make excuse that you want RV’s file. Poorvi asks why would I lie to you? Monisha says you have come to steal my jewellery. Poorvi asks what? Monisha says you have come to my house, and I shall not welcome you being the host, is not good. She calls Harleen. Harleen asks Vaishali about Poorvi while picking the call. Monisha says you will not get Poorvi there, as she has come here to steal something from my room. Poorvi says no Mummy ji, I didn’t do anything. Harleen asks what you are doing there and asks her to come there. Monisha says I will bring her there. Poorvi says I can go home myself. Vaishali and Deepika instigate Harleen against Poorvi and tell that the latter is taking her advantage. Harleen looks on.

Manpreet tells Vishaka that Prachi has so much burdened because of us. Vishaka says we have supported her, and says it would be difficult for her to stay with two daughters. Manpreet says if she had remarried. Vishaka says we haven’t burdened her and has taken care of her daughters as ours. Prachi comes there. She tells that she has to study a lot about the party’s strategies. Vishaka says she is like me. Manpreet says we are talking about Prachi’s hardwork. Prachi asks if they have food. Vishaka says Manpreet didn’t have food. Prachi says she is very hungry.

Poorvi comes home. Harleen asks her to stop and asks her not to step inside. She asks why did you go to Monisha’s house, and took whose’s permission. She asks why you didn’t take my permission. Poorvi says I have to go there. Monisha comes there and says you all regard me as family, Poorvi should have asked me before going there, and says she didn’t tell anyone and lied to my Servant that RV sent her to get a file, and infact I sent her. Poorvi says it is between Mummy ji and me, so you shall not interfere. Harleen tells her that she can’t talk to Monisha like this, and shall not lie to her. Deepika says I can’t think that you can lie big. Vaishali says you are a box of lies. Deepika asks what you think that you are good and taunts her. Monisha says Poorvi has cancelled the food when Mrs. And Mr. Mehra had come here. Poorvi says why I will do this with my family. Harleen says you did and scolds her. Monisha says everytime, she insults me since she came to this house and thanks Harleen for taking stand for her, and smiles seeing Poorvi.

Ranbir tells Tashu that Priyu is simple and her work is impressive. Tashu says you should have met her. He says I met her when she had come. Tashu says she is inviting her and her family for dinner. He asks her to invite her family. Tashu asks really. He says yes. She thanks and hugs him. Ranbir says you are welcome. He says I forgot to mail Manchanda.

Harleen tells Poorvi that your family must be doing anything, but this is my house, and I don’t bear anything wrong. Poorvi says if this rules are for me, then it must be for everyone. Vaishali asks what is the way to talk. Deepika asks do you want to say that we torture you. Poorvi says I didn’t tell this. Deepika and Vaishali instigate Harleen more. Poorvi asks why you people are dragging the matter. Harleen asks why did you go to Monisha’s house, and asks her to tell the truth. Poorvi says I will tell truth. She says I went to her house, as I wanted to see this ring. She shows ring photo in her mobile. Deepika is wearing the ring and thinks she had given the ring to Monisha that day. She hides the ring which she is wearing. Poorvi says that girl was wearing this ring who had poisoned food in KK’s marriage. Monisha says you must have worn the ring and poisoned the food yourself. Poorvi tells that she will prove the truth. She says she wants a chance from her mother like mother in law. Monisha asks her to stop. Deepika taunts her. Poorvi says if she is your sister then I am your sister in law. Vaishali instigates Harleen. Dadi asks what is happening. Poorvi asks Dadi to come downstairs carefully. Harleen scolds Poorvi. Dadi takes Poorvi’s side and falls down while talking. They all run to her. RV comes to the meeting and hopes that everything is fine. He thinks why Maa haven’t called till now.

Episode ends.

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  1. ace
    May 25, 03:59 Reply

    Can you upload series from amazon mini tv?

  2. bob
    May 18, 16:54 Reply

    Bro its a show its not supposed to be realistic

  3. S.k
    May 15, 18:17 Reply

    Director thinks we all are stupid. In kukkum bhagya manisha get exact money bag with fake currency in no time while they saw monisha went to get water bottle. So monisha is superwoman and magician they she manage all this in no time. Plus all the tv series everyone phone has no password so anyone can delete and read someone messages. So much rubbish. Please grow up

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