Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 20th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with RV spraying on Poorvi’s feet, and she shouts feeling pain. Ranbir hears and walks to go there. All the terrorists gather. Inspector and his Police force tells the terrorists that they are coming inside. Terrorist says even they are ready and will kill hostages. Ranbir knocks on the door and thinks Terrorist is with Poorvi. He says open the door, and leave my daughter. Poorvi tells RV that KK sir is there. RV opens the door. Ranbir is about to break the door and gets inside. He asks Poorvi how is she, and where is the terrorists because of whom she shouted. She tells that there is no terrorist, just RV is here. Ranbir asks RV to move and says he is just concerned for his daughter. RV asks what problem you have with me. He says Poorvi was hurt so he was applying spray to her foot. Poorvi asks what happened? Ranbir says he got worried. Poorvi hugs him. RV looks on. The terrorists and the Police starts the shoot out. Diya and Vishaka gets worried for Poorvi and are sad that RV’s family don’t want to save her.

RV tells Ranbir that he will go out of the room and see. Ranbir asks if you know how to use weapon or you know judo karate, and tells that he would have let him go 10 days back, but not now. RV questions him why? Ranbir says Poorvi loves him very much and that’s why he can’t let him go out and risk his life. RV says it is not true. Ranbir asks Poorvi to say if she don’t love RV. Poorvi is silent. She says she wants water. RV asks her to wait for sometime. Ranbir asks if she is fasting for RV. Poorvi asks how do you know? Ranbir says my wife used to keep fast for me. She says Tashu aunty also keeps fast. She says even my mother keeps this fast. Ranbir smiles.

The terrorists plan to catch the hostages and the two men (Dushyant’s men) who came later. The Inspector is waiting to enter the hotel back door, and the guy breaks the lock with the silencer gun.

The officers come out and tells that they came out safely. They see Monisha and tells that her father shouldn’t have called us, if anyone would have come to know that we are not among the hotel guest or hostages, and Dushyant sent her to return his favor then it would have been troublesome. Monisha sees them and goes behind them. They tell that they will tell just Dushyant. Vishaka and Diya ask about Poorvi while Monisha asks about RV. They go to Dushyant and tells him that they didn’t bring RV out, as he refused to come out. Dushyant says you should have brought RV and that Poorvi out forcibly. They tell that they had gone to just save RV. Vishaka asks them to take money and save them. They tell that they have done it to return Dushyant’s favor. Jaswant asks them to go inside and bring them out. Mark tells that if they go inside, then it is like inviting death. They leave. Dushyant says he will talk to Minister and will ask him to take the necessary steps. RV says I will go out, but Ranbir stops him and says he can’t go out. RV says he knows him that he has no feelings for anyone, he is rude etc. Ranbir says that’s why he is here, and tells that he will not let him go. RV says he is not his son and asks him not to behave as if he is his son. Ranbir tells that he don’t want to go, as he wants to protect him.

Precap: Ranbir fires at the terrorists. RV asks Ranbir to come back. Ranbir asks RV and Poorvi to go. RV refuses to go without Ranbir. Ranbir asks them to go. Poorvi shouts Papa come to me.

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