Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tashu telling Prachi that her husband has forgotten that he came with her here. Prachi says she has taken small liberty and got some 100-150 cards printed for her marriage and tells that the new cards are really good. Tashu gets touched that he got the cards printed. She asks if she can see the cards. Prachi says she asked someone to bring the cards. She asks her to give the cards to Amar Dayal ji. Tashu sees Ranbir still talking and tells Prachi that there must be some problem, they shall leave. She leaves. Prachi receives the cards and shows to Manpreet and Vishaka. Vishaka says they will have similar cards for Diya’s marriage. Poorvi gives sugar free sweets to Dadu and says she wants to go to her mother’s house. RV says driver will drop her. Dadu asks RV to drop Poorvi to her house. Poorvi says driver will drop Monisha. RV says he will drop both. Later he is driving the car. Poorvi and Monisha argue. Poorvi asks RV why he is feeling bad, and asks if he is Monisha’s brother. RV stops the car. Poorvi says only brothers are protective about their sisters. Monisha gets down. Poorvi asks Monisha why did she get down. Monisha says my house came. She says bye to RV and goes to her house. She breaks her sandal heel. Poorvi asks if he felt bad as he talked about Monisha’s face. He says he felt bad as he called him as Monisha’s brother, though she knows about their relation. He says he can bear till the limit. Poorvi says even me and asks him to keep in limit. RV says I will call Monisha as I promised her, and will not break my relation with her and will be in touch with her. Poorvi says ok, but touch her. She asks him to stop the car.

Manpreet asks Prachi if she saw Tashu’s husband. Prachi says no. Vishaka says she doesn’t think that he is good looking. Prachi says Tashu said he is handsome. Vishaka says Tashu will say as she is marrying him.

Ranbir tells Karthik that they have to go. Tashu comes there with her mother and asks Ranbir to select the saree. He selects the one. Tashu says it is selected by her friend. Ranbir says her choice is good. Tashu’s mother asks Ranbir, how did he choice is so good? Karthik smiles. Tashu’s mother asks him to get his best friend marriage arrangements done.

Prachi tells that Poorvi said that KK is a nice person. Ranbir thinks about Prachi and says I don’t want to think about her. He thinks when he didn’t think about me, then why shall I remember him. He thinks why she didn’t think about me then why shall I think about her. He recalls the lady saying Prachi that God shall give her strength to forget Akshay. He says Trishna gave me a new life, saved me from coming in his room, got me rid of wine addiction and her Papa made me KK. He says Prachi became stranger for him. Trishna and her father is everything to him.

Tashu’s father comes and asks if cards are ready. Ranbir says Tashu’s friend is bringing and tells that he will go and give card to Amar Dayal.

RV asks her not to show any attitude. Poorvi asks him to be a good husband, atleast till they are husband and wife. He asks her to become good. Poorvi asks do you think that I am bad. He says you try. She says you are bad. He says bear me till I am your husband. He leaves.

Prachi tells Manpreet that she told Tashu that the cards have come. Manpreet says it is written in your astrology that your life will change. Prachi misses Ranbir. Poorvi comes there. Diya hugs her. Manpreet, Vishaka and Prachi hug her. Prachi asks her to sit and asks Diya why you didn’t tell us that she is coming. Diya says Di asked me not to tell you. Poorvi says I brought sweets for you. Diya asks about her honeymoon. Poorvi says you are small. Prachi asks about how they reach the resort. Poorvi tells her about how they reached. RV calls Prachi. Prachi gives call to Poorvi. Poorvi sees Tashu’s call and gives to Prachi. Prachi tells Tashu that she will give her cards. After ending the call, Prachi tells Poorvi that Tashu is marry KK. Poorvi gets happy and says she will come with him.

Ranbir asks Tashu to go with her mother when the latter asks her. Her mother praises Ranbir. RV is in the meeting. Yug comes there. RV scolds him for coming there. Yug sees Monisha and says you have come. RV says he had called her. Monisha asks him what to wear? He tells her. Monisha kisses on his cheeks. RV says bye. Monisha thinks now I am with you, RV is just mine and his sight will be on me.

Precap: KK asks Poorvi to attend his marriage from his side, as his family. Poorvi smiles. Prachi asks Poorvi, why Monisha is here always.

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