Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 4th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with RV telling Khushi that she was not just Khushi by her name, but she was his happiness. He says now your sister is with me, you see how I keep her. Khushi says my sister is my everything and I will not let you ruin her life. RV asks her not to act to be innocent. Khushi says after whatever we had between us. RV says there was nothing from your side, and says my love was like tissue paper for you, which you used and threw it. He says after accepting my love and marriage proposal, how you separated me from yourself. He asks why did you cut me off, why did you torture me and my family. Khushi is about to leave. He says you have to answer, if you answer me then I might leave your sister. Khushi stops.

Vishaka says if anything happens to my Khushi, then I will not leave Poorvi also. Ashok asks why you are blaming her. Vishaka says Jasbir came in our lives because of Poorvi. Prachi says Poorvi is our daughter too, don’t say this. Ashok says everyone is worried as Khushi is missing. Poorvi tells Ashok that Badi Bua is right, Jasbir kidnapped Khushi due to her. Prachi asks her not to blame herself and asks did you ask him to kidnap you. Diya says you didn’t ask Jasbir to kidnap Khushi di. Poorvi says he kidnapped her to took revenge. Prachi asks her not to blame herself. Inspector comes there and tells that the kidnapper is found who had kidnapped Khushi. He tells about the kidnapper’s name Satyender. They wonder who is he? Prachi asks Poorvi not to blame herself.

Khushi asks what did I do with you? He says I didn’t love anyone after whatever you have done with me. He says I used to love just you. He asks how I used to look? She says poor. He says now I am rich and asks her to go and ask Armaan. She asks him not to bring Armaan between them. He says I remember the day, when I first saw you in the office when you had come there for the internship. The Manager introduces Rajvansh and Khushi to each other. RV goes to her and asks her to tell if she needs anything. Sukoon mila song plays……RV says when I saw you for the first time, I felt so much and when I touched you, I felt I will never leave you. He says when boss was about to throw you out, I took all the blame on myself and got scolded by him on your behalf.

A fb is shown, RV gets scolded by the boss. He comes out. Khushi apologizes to him. She shares her tiffin with him, saying she made it. RV gets impressed and says you made it. He eats food. Fb ends. He says I used to love you even more, we have spent more time with each other, and we used to have food together. He says then I proposed you in the temple. Fb starts. RV proposes Khushi in the temple. She asks if it is a diamond ring. RV says no, ordinary ring. He asks shall I make you wear it. She nods yes. He makes her wear it. She hugs him. RV says after marriage and goes. Khushi makes bad face and tries to remove the ring. He turns and she stops and feigns smiles. Fb ends. He says I didn’t understand that you was playing with my emotions, and doesn’t love me. He says I didn’t understand when you was selected as the model in Armaan’s company. Khushi poses for the photo shoot. Armaan looks at her. RV also comes there and calls her. She ignores him. Suddenly a guy collides with her and says sorry. Khushi says its ok. RV beats up the guy for touching her. fb ends. RV tells that you knows well that my love was truthful, it is not that kind of love, which happens now that one went and other girl came. He says when that guy was beating me, instead of asking him not to beat me, you fled from there. He says then I realized that you don’t want to live with me and was cheating on me. He says I was keeping my eyes on you since a year. He says I had hired a detective, whose name is Satyendra. A fb is shown, he meets Satyendra and asks him to get all info about her and whom she loves a lot. Fb ends. He says I got you kidnapped from the marriage venue. The police comes to Satyendra and arrest him.

RV tells her that when we were getting married, all his family members were waiting for her, I had come to you and you was looking at yourself, actually planning something. A fb is shown, RV comes to Khushi and asks when you was coming to the mandap. She says 10 mins. RV says I knew that you called Armaan that day and told him that I tried to molest you.

Precap: Police comes to the marriage venue and tells RV that he will arrested for molesting the girl Khushi. RV tells Khushi that he will give back whatever she has done with him.

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