Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vikrant asking Harleen not to take tension. Inspector says Yug asked us to wait here for 5 mins and says they found someone who said everything about the case. Vikrant says I will call Dad. He comes to Harman and says Inspector was taking Poorvi, but didn’t take, as Yug called and asked Police to wait. Vaishali says why Yug did this. They call Yug, but he doesn’t pick the call. Vaishali tells Jaswant that if Yug helps Poorvi then Harleen will not like it. Jaswant asks her to calm down.

Ranbir thinks how to talk to Prachi and says if she don’t talk to me, then will not understand why I was away for 20 years. Tashu comes there and asks where he is lost as door bell is ringing. Ranbir says nothing. Ashok comes there. Ranbir doesn’t see him and goes. Tashu says you are here. Ashok says he had gone somewhere and thought to pick Prachi. Prachi and Gajendra come downstairs. Prachi hugs Ashok calling him Papa. Gajendra says it seems you stayed away from home for the first time. Ashok says yes. They leave.

RV brings the fake notes supplier there and tells Inspector that it is good that he didn’t take Poorvi to court and says now he will tell you who is the real culprit. Deepika asks Monisha, who is he? Monisha says she had taken fakes notes from him. RV tells that he does deal of fake notes and changes their money with fake notes. Inspector asks him, if he is saying right and asks on whose saying, he did this. The goon points finger at Monisha. Monisha says he is lying. Everyone is shocked. The goon says he is not lying, he has a printing machine. RV tells Inspector that Poorvi is innocent. Inspector says we came to arrest Poorvi, but got the fake notes supplier. He calls Senior officer and tells that the case is not strong as Poorvi is innocent and tells that they got the info about fake notes supplier. He ends the call and tells that he will go and check if the fake notes machine is really there, and until then Police constables will stay here. He goes. Everyone looks at Monisha.

Tashu tells Ranbir that strange thing have happened and tells that when tandon uncle came, Priyu ran to him and hugged him, as if she will cry. Ranbir says she didn’t talk to me before going. Tashu says why you wanted to talk to her. Ranbir says he wanted to talk.

Deepika starts acting and tells that the goon is lying and tells that Monisha has a level and tells that he will get the sin. She says she is with her. Monisha tells that everyone knows that she can’t do this. Poorvi says that doesnt mean that everyone doesn’t know me. She says she is innocent and will prove this in court. Constable says when Monisha is taken and beaten up in lock up, then she will speak up.

The other constable says that the fake notes case is very big. Dadi and Harman ask about his name. RV says his name is Sukhi and says he had followed him and got his visiting card. Harleen asks why did you go behind him. Vaishali says you shall take care of family also,and says anything can happen with us because of him (goon). RV says why you are reacting this way. Dadi says they are right. The goon Sukhi tries to run, but Yug holds him. He tries to run again and collides with the wall and faints.

Rajni asks Tashu, which saree to wear? Tashu says any saree will look good on you. She tells Rajni that K is behaving strangely and got angry that Priyu went without informing him. She says what happened to him. Rajni says sometimes it happens and asks her not to over think and says he might be stressed about something else. Tashu hugs her and says you are the best mother of the world. Rajni asks which saree to wear? Tashu says anything.

RV asks the constable to tie Sukhi. Constable says they don’t have anything to tie him as jeep is taken by Inspector. He says they had taken him to PS, then he would be there right now. RV says if he had taken him to PS, then Police would have taken Poorvi to court and the case would have started and she would be in jail for 4-5 days, so seeing the situation, he brought him here. Dadi says she doesn’t like whatever is happening. Dadu says RV did right. Yug brings the rope and they tie him. Monisha gets worried.

Precap: Poorvi thanks RV and says you are good with me always. RV says just because you are good with me. Ranbir tries to talk to Prachi. Prachi refuses to talk to him. Ranbir says how you will know why I didn’t return.

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