Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi telling Ranbir that he married Tashu as he wanted to marry her. Ranbir says no. Prachi asks him not to do bad with anyone now. Ranbir asks what wrong did I do with you, I was blamed for Akshay’s death, and you knows well that I didn’t do anything. Prachi says I got a phone call about your van’s accident, I rushed there, but found your stuff. She says everyone said that you are dead, but I kept you alive in my heart. She says you was alive, but you didn’t come. Ranbir recalls the lady telling Prachi that Akshay was lucky, and says she knows that she loved him a lot. He says how would I come, I came to know. Prachi says she don’t want to hear any stories, and says she thought he loves her a lot, but he can love anyone, first me, Rhea and now Tashu. Ranbir says I respect Tashu a lot, as she was with me when I was alone, and nobody was with me. Prachi says I thought you loved me, but we are together due to my love, you never loved me. Ranbir says my decision was wrong to talk to you. Prachi stops him and says you didnt ask me how was my life? She says she has faced all the troubled all alone as he was not with her. He asks if I have moved on, then what about you. He asks who is Poorvi? He asks her to say hello to her real father. Prachi is stunned. Ashok comes there and looks at Ranbir in shock. Ranbir touches his feet and says I will talk to you later and goes.

Deepika tells Monisha that she is trapped. Monisha asks her not to say this. Dadi comes there and says she don’t want this man to stay here. Lady constable says we can’t take him now. Vaishali says our Monisha is innocent and tells that Poorvi must have asked this name to take her name. Poorvi says I saw this man with Monisha in the temple, and then I heard him talking on phone about fake notes and followed him, but he ran away. She says I am saying what I saw. The goon Sukhi gains consciousness and gets up. He holds Monisha on knife point.

Ashok asks Prachi if he was Ranbir? Prachi says he is KK and not Ranbir. She says we had a misunderstanding that KK was someone else. She tells that Ranbir is now KK, Tashu’s husband. Ashok is shocked. Prachi says he came here to talk to me and has brought Tashu with him. She says I can’t say anything as Tashu is here. Ashok says Tashu didn’t come. Prachi says he lied. She says he questioned me about Poorvi’s father and tells that she never thought about anyone and kept him alive in her heart. Ashok asks why you didn’t tell him that he is Poorvi’s father. Prachi says she will not tell him. She says he came infront of me by mistake, else he wouldn’t have come. She says he is not my Ranbir.

Monisha threatens Sukhi and throws the things at him. She asks him to clear her name and she will give him double money, and will get him out of jail too. She hears RV coming and makes Sukhi keep knife on her neck. RV and others come there and ask Sukhi to leave Monisha. Deepika worries for Monisha. She asks Sukhi to leave her sister. Poorvi takes the vase and throws at Sukhi’s legs. Sukhi leaves Monisha. RV catches and slaps him. The lady constable asks him not to take law in his hands. Monisha slaps him and asks why you took my name. Poorvi asks him to tell the truth. Monisha starts recording him. Sukhi says she was asking address from him, and he heard her saying that she is Monisha, and he had seen her coming here. He says she doesn’t know me. Harleen asks if Poorvi took fake money notes from him. He says he doesn’t know her. He says he saw Poorvi going inside the hospital and the bag fell down from her hand and he changed the bags. Poorvi says she didn’t drop the bag. RV says he said that neither you nor Monisha is involved, so we don’t need to worry. Monisha records everything. Sukhi runs out of the house. The Police team comes there, but Sukhi fools them and escapes.

Inspector tells RV that he has seen the place where fake notes are printed. He says he has to talk to Poorvi and Monisha. He comes inside and says Sukhi cleared Poorvi’s name, but he took Monisha’s name so she has to come with us to the PS. RV says she is not guilty. Monisha says he has cleared my name and shows the video. Inspector says Sukhi was lying and says I can sense hearing his voice. RV says even I know people, and says Poorvi is innocent. Inspector says Sukhi was lying about Monisha. Monisha asks do you have an idea about my background and family. RV tries to talk to Inspector. Inspector says we have to investigate this matter. RV says you can do that, but can’t take her to the PS. He asks him to arrest Sukhi first, who eloped from his clutch. Harleen asks him to do his investigation and then come. Harman says catch Sukhi. RV says catch the real criminal. Inspector says we don’t need to learn our work from anyone, we will catch the real culprit. Poorvi looks at RV.

Precap: Poorvi tells RV that he is a good hearted person and good husband and life partner. Monisha tells deepika that tomorrow is RV and my love anniversary, Poorvi will know what is her place and what is mine in his life.

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