Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 7th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pandit ji resuming the puja. Yug tells Diya that she came so late and asks why she came late. Diya says I suggest you to get your grah shanti puja done, and I will reach there first. He asks if you will sit with me. Diya says I have a fiance. Yug asks if you had went to meet him and got late. Pandit ji tells that they will do havan and asks all the family members to put the ingredients in the havan kund. The snake is coming downstairs. Deepika thinks it is a bad day for Monisha, may be she went to get rest. Monisha searches for the snake and calls the snake charmer and tells that the snake went out of the bathroom. The snake charmer asks if shall come there. Monisha says no and says it might have went out. The snake charmer tells that the snake will bite anyone now and asks her to be careful. He says whoever it bites, can’t live for more than 5 mins. Monisha thinks she has put everyone’s life in danger.

Monisha comes to the puja place. RV asks her to put the ingredient in the havan kund. Pandit ji tells that the havan is completed and tells that bad refection has fallen on RV and tells that anything can happen. Harman asks what do you mean by bad reflection. Pandit ji tells that bad time. Jaswant asks him to explain. Pandit ji says he has to tie holy thread to him and tells that anything can happen to him, and tells that one week is very dangerous.

Snake falls down on the floor. Dadi asks Yug to be careful as they hear the sound. Pandit ji asks someone to sprinkle gangajal in the house. Vaishali goes to sprinkle it. Pandit ji asks RV to make Swastik. RV asks if I shall make too. Pandit ji says yes. RV and Poorvi go to make Swastik on the door. RV asks how to make Swastik and asks about its shape. Poorvi says tell me truly that you don’t know how to make Swastik. Rv smiles. Poorvi says you feel shy too. She says she will help him make Swastik. Vaishali. Monisha and Deepika get upset that they are talking smilingly. RV makes swastik with Poorvi’s help. Poorvi says she will make Swastik and come. RV asks Monisha if everything is alright. Monisha makes an excuse. She sits on the chair, the snake is about to bite her, but she lifts the leg when the snake is about to bite it to check her nail paint. She gets shocked to see the snake and it goes under the carpet. She doesn’t tell anyone. Pandit ji ties the thread to everyone and also Monisha. He then asks Poorvi to tie black color thread to RV’s left hand and left foot. Poorvi says she will clean kumkum from her hand and come. Monisha says I will tie, if you say. Pandit ji says no, as Poorvi can only tie the thread, as she is his wife and her grah nakshatra are supporting his grah nakshatra. Pandit ji asks her to tie the thread to his hand and foot.

Poorvi sits to tie the thread to his hand. She ties the thread to his hand and foot. Just then the Pandit ji sees snake, shouts and gets up. Everyone asks RV to get up. RV asks them not to panic and move back. He asks Poorvi to move back. Poorvi asks him to get up. RV tries to make the snake go, when the snake bites RV. Everyone gets worried. Harman calls Doctor. Dadu says don’t give him water. RV faints. Harman says Doctor said that he needs time to come. Deepika says from where did the snake come? Poorvi tears her saree pallu and ties on RV’s hand. She then begins sucking the poison from his hand and spits it in the bowl. Everyone stands worried and shocked. Poorvi’s condition deteriorates, but she continues to suck the poison and spit. She then faints and falls down.

Monisha comes out and calls Doctor, asking him to come fast. She sees the snake coming towards her and gets shocked. The snake charmer comes there and catches the snake. Monisha says your snake is bad, it has bitten my RV. The snake charmer asks for money. Monisha says she doesn’t have money right now and says she will give him money later. Yug and Diya come there and says Poorvi has turned blue. Doctor comes there. Yug takes him inside.

RV opens his eyes. Harleen and Harman gets happy. Pandit ji says I had told that Poorvi is his sheild and she will save him from any trouble and she is Savitri in real means. Dadi says Pandit ji is right. She asks Harman to call the doctor. Harman says Doctor must be coming. Dadu says Poorvi has taken out the poison. Harman says it is not a small thing. Vaishali asks where is Monisha? Deepika says may be, she went to bring the doctor. Doctor comes there and says he will give the antidote. Vikram says we didn’t see which snake it is. Doctor says Monisha told him about the snake. Monisha says she saw the snake and has knowledge about it.

Precap: Poorvi tells RV that if anything had happened to him then she can’t live. RV says until you are with me, nothing will happen to me. Poorvi hugs him shocking Monisha.

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