Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 8th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Poorvi asking RV to have halwa, and tells that it has some soil in it but it is of bhog. RV gets Khushi’s call. He thinks the halwa doesn’t have any soil, and thinks Bhabhi hates her and might have added soil in it. Poorvi apologizes him for her mistake and says she will convince everyone. Prachi knocks on the door asking Khushi to open the door. Khushi calls Armaan and asks him to come and pick her. Armaan says he works as per the schedule and says he will pick her after the meetings. Prachi knocks on the door. Khushi opens the door and says she was in the washroom. She tells that Diya was troubling her so she closed the door. She thinks Poorvi is in trouble. RV asks Poorvi to make sure, nothing wrong happens for the muh dikhayi and goes. Poorvi thinks RV is very angry with her.

Damini comes to the kitchen and asks if she mixed soil in the halwa. Deepika says yes, I have done it and will do it again when I get the chance. She says she used the same soil which was on the soil. Damini asks what is the need to stoop low, and tells that it was Poorvi’s sister who did mistake and not her. Deepika asks why she has become so dramatic. Damini acts and appreciates her. They do hi five. Deepika tells that the party has just began and laughs. Dadi comes there and asks why they are laughing. Damini says they were joking. Dadi asks them to tell the joke. She asks them not to do anyone badmouthing and mend their ways.

Armaan comes for the business meeting. His employee tells that RV is going to come. Armaan asks him to call him RV sir, and tells that he is his sister in law’s husband now. RV comes there. Armaan tries to identify him. RV comes to him and introduces himself. He says they didn’t meet in many business meetings. RV says life makes us meet whom we don’t want to meet. They sit for the auction of the hotel. The bidding starts. RV and Armaan increase the bid shocking everyone. The auction gets locked for 100 crores and the hotel gets sold for 100 crores to Armaan. RV claps and tells that he has decided not to let anyone win. He asks Armaan if he can give 100 crores. He tells that his 5 ventures flopped. He says I can give 100 crores. He tells that Armaan’s business partner committed suicide. Armaan says he was in depression. RV asks the hotel owner to decide if he wants to sell hotel to him, or wants to lose 100 crores by selling hotel to Armaan. The hotel owner sells the hotel to RV for 100 crores. RV signs the deal, and smiles. Armaan goes from there.

Poorvi thinks to talk to Khushi, and thinks she will think her right. She thinks RV is staying away from her. RV tells Armaan that he couldn’t talk to him. He says he is Poorvi’s husband and rival also. He says don’t take this on your heart and says victory and defeat is part of the business.

Deepika comes to Poorvi and asks about the clothes which she will wear for Muh Dikhayi. Poorvi shows the dress made by Prachi. Deepika makes faces. She tells her that her mother’s fashion sense is bad, and tells that she will ask Maa to arrange the clothes. Harleen comes there and tells that she will arranged. She tells Poorvi that she shall behave good with everyone and no mistake shall happen. She goes. Poorvi asks if I behaved wrong with someone. Deepika says you shall not do any mistake.

Precap: Harleen tells Harman that Poorvi is here just for a day and will not be here after tomorrow, and we don’t need to see her face again. Khushi comes there, when Poorvi is seated for her muh dikhayi.

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