Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with RV telling Armaan that victory and defeat is the part of the business and I have to learn so much from you, and you will also say that it is business tactics. He then invites him to Poorvi’s muh dikhayi. Armaan says yesterday his wife was kidnapped so he has to pick her, and shall be with her. He says I will try to come and goes. RV thinks Khushi is worried for Poorvi thinking I will do wrong with her, and thinks she will be very shocked after whatever I am planning to do with Poorvi. Yug says he is a nice guy. RV looks on thinking about past. Khushi calls Armaan and thinks he never picks the call when she is in the need. She thinks to go to RV’s home to save Poorvi. Harman comes to Harleen and tells that Dadu wanted to dance with him. He asks Harleen why she is upset, and asks her to say. Harleen says she didn’t want Khushi’s reflection fall in this house and says RV has brought her sister here. Harman says it is disturbing, but I will support my son, few wounds are treated this way, I trust my son and asks her to trust him as well. Harleen says he has suffered a lot. Harman asks her to think about RV and be happy. Harleen says why I am thinking so much, as there is just matter of one day, as Poorvi will not be here after tomorrow, and then we will not see her face. He then asks about his elder daughter. Harleen says what to do, what kind of sasural she has. Harman says we had done a big mistake.

Deepika brings clothes for Poorvi and asks if she is not ready. Poorvi says she is ready with her hair and make up. Deepika taunts and insults her on her looks and says RV is so handsome and that doesn’t mean that she is ugly looking. She asks her to get ready and come out. Poorvi gets tensed. Deepika sees Harman and others dancing when the guests. She gets shocked, when someone calls her. The guests ask Harleen to sing the song. Harman praises that he was bowled over by Harleen hearing her singing. Harleen asks them to go as it is a ladies function. Dada ji and Harman that even they have desires and wishes to see the muh dikhayi rasam, saying they have become dada sasur and sasur. Others also say what they have become.

Prachi comes to khushi’s room and finds her not there. Poorvi gets ready and thinks of Harleen’s words. Prachi calls her and tells that she is looking very beautiful like an angel. Poorvi gets emotional. Prachi asks what is the matter? Poorvi says she is missing them. Prachi asks her to give herself some time. Damini comes there. Prachi tells her that Poorvi is sensitive so give her love. Damini says she will get so much love from us. Poorvi ends the call. Damini asks her to talk to her Mayka family less and mingle with her new family. Poorvi gets nervous and calls RV. Yug asks RV to pick the call. RV refuses to pick the call and says we are going home, then he will talk to her. He plays music. Poorvi thinks what to do now? Damini comes there and asks Poorvi to come downstairs. Poorvi asks her to come. Damini covers Poorvi’s head with dupatta and says you are bahu of the house, today is your muh dikhayi.

Dada ji says even we will give her shagun. Dadi sees Poorvi coming and says new bahu have come. She tells that before starting muh dikhayi, we will sing badhayi ho badhayi song. Khushi comes there and sees Poorvi sitting there for muh dikhayi.

Precap: Khushi lifts Poorvi’s veil and insists to talk to her about RV. RV comes there. A lady comes there and everyone looks at her.

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