Kundali Bhagya 10th June 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 10th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 10th June 2024 Written Episode

Rakhi reveals they are very tensed due to this Anshuman as he keeps blackmailing them day and night, they have been living in fear about what would happen now, Bani Dadi says she is going to curse him, Anshuman asks if they have any proof against him but showing the pen drive says that it will prove they tried to buy him while in the eyes of the law they are business partners, Anshuman says Karan should file the case against him and by the time it ends both Shaurya and Rajveer would be of their age, Palki asks can Anshuman Panday not see as the papers that were signed for the partnership has been torn out so there is no business deal, Anshuman starts laughing explaining they donot want to see it and asks if they could not see why is his lawyer not present here, he explains because the papers that Shaurya and Rajveer torn were just a xerox copy while the real papers are with his lawyer, Anshuman calls his lawyer Shub asking if he has the real papers of the collaboration, Shub replies he is going to get them registered so says now they all are going to believe that he is the business partner and that too of ninety nine percent, now his order would be followed. Anshuman says it is his decision that they should pack their bags and leave the house, hearing which the entire Luthra family is stunned. Nidhi is also not able to stand up and then is about to fall, Anshuman starts smiling while Rakhi is crying along with Bani Dadi, Kritika and even Karan is heartbroken thinking about the beautiful moments they have spent in this house ever since they were children. Karan is still thinking when Rakhi refuses to leave their house.

Bani Dadi asks if would leave his house, Karina asks what do they think that they all will misbehave with him so much but says that they are actually business partners and he says they are not going to leave the house while he will have to do something, he says that he thinks Palki is intelligent as he only feels two people are intelligent either Palki or Preeta but she left this house fearing he might misbehave with her, Anshuman turning to karan says he feels he is saying it all while in his manners then asks the people of the media to go outside and leave after eating, he sends all of the guests along with the media personal, Anshuman then asks why are the Luthra’s standing as they should also leave. Rajveer says even if this house is in Luthra Industries but not even a single Luthra would go out of this house but Anshuman would have to leave, Anshuman asks if Rajveer would do this to him when the Luthra’s have been ruined so Rajveer should come on his side while he will offer him a partnership of worth forty percent because he is capable, Anshuman says Rajveer has a very good fate but then Rajveer threatens to make Anshuman pay for his crimes after entering the business world, Anshuman asks if he would do it alone but Shaurya replies that Rajveer is not alone while they both are going to make him pay, he warns he is going to bury Anshuman. Karan turning to Anshuman asks if he got the answer, Mahesh also says if he did not understand the reply, Mohit says even the relatives are here along with the friends. Anshuman says that he loves it all but the emotional situation of them all is very boring, Anshuman says he is going to show them a chance which is twist and he has to do something to pack their bags, Anshuman claps his hands so the security team enters the Luthra Mansion seeing whom the entire Luthra family is shocked, Anshuman orders them to pack the bags of the Luthra’s and throw them out of this house, meaning help the luthra’s leave from here. Karina and Rakhi are stunned hearing it while the security team enters the Luthra Mansion, Rajveer and Shaurya follow them while Anshuman Panday sits on the couch folding his legs, with one of the security personal standing by his side holding the gun, Nidhi notices Karan is not even uttering even a single word.

Rajveer enters the room asking the lady if she can hear him as they are not authorized to pack the bags, Mohit and Sandy also enter the room demanding the lady to stop doing it but the lady replies she should be allowed to do her work, Mohit says they are going to call the police, Shaurya also tries to stop but they donot listen when Anshuman along with everyone else hear the shouting so Anshuman walks after him, Nidhi going to Karan says Preeta si the reason for it all mentioning she told them all a lot of times but they did not listen to her when she revealed the plan of Preeta is going to fail but they did not listen, she asks what was Rakhi mom saying that they should follow Preeta abut what did it cause for them all, Nidhi keeps yelling saying Preeta brought them on the road,s he even says Kritika was eager to follow Preeta but Karan asks Nidhi to stop talking rubbish about Preeta as she is doing it all for the betterment of the family and this house, Nidhi asks if karan can even realize they have come on the road when karan asks why does Nidhi hate Preeta so much, Nidhi asks how can Karan still support Preeta, karan orders Nidhi to shtup saying he wil not listen anything against Preeta, Karina replies this time Karan is wrong as he always follows Preeta and her plans but they have lost their own house, Arohi agrees saying they made a mistake while trusting Preeta as she brought them all on the road, Arohi asks if karan still thinks that what Preeta does is correct and was this his plan, Karina replies she does not know what would Preeta do for them in the future either buy a house or start the business, Rakhi says Preeta was like always trying to help them and save them from the trap of Anshuman Panday, Nidhi says if Rakhi going to say it again and asks how will they survive and eat, she pleads with her to stop advocating for Preeta. Varun says he should not have said it but he feels even he is the member of the family so requests them to stop trusting Preeta je, Karan angrily orders Varun to shut up.

Anshuman enters the room pointing the gun at Rajveer while ordering him to watch the drama from far away, the security personal are leaving with the suitcase while Shaurya tries to snatch it but Anshuman takes after pointing the gun at them.

Bani Dadi says they have always trusted Preeta but where is she right now, Karina replies Rakhi can only see the sacrifice of Preeta but what about what Nidhi has done for them, Karina says she is amazed with Rakhi and is a daughter of the house so warned Rakhi but she just trusts Preeta. Karan says that Preeta made a plan but what if it did not work and had it been Karina who made the plan then would have they talked to her in this manner, karan says that this is still not the end when Karina replies they are not having any house or business, karan replies everything starts after it and he is saying this will work. Mahesh says there is no need for Karan to give any explanation, Nidhi replies they all blame her but no one is going to say anything to Preeta, karan asks Nidhi to stop yelling as only then he can explain, Nidhi says he should not tell stories while it si not the time for philosophy, Nidhi says were the one due to whom it all happened as she ran away. Nidhi keeps yelling while Karan orders her to shut up saying he is warning her to not hear anything against Preeta. Anshuman while standing at the balcony is clapping, telling the Luthra’s if he can show a magic explaining they would have seen rain but are now going to see suitcases being thrown so the security personal throw the bags from the balcony in the main hall seeing which the entire Luthra family is stunned. Anshuman says they should put their belongings in the bag, as it might be possible that he does not give them anything. Rakhi requests Anshuman Panday to let her children go, Anshuman calls his associate asking them to send the media inside. Shaurya and Rajveer walk while he starts staring at Anshuman who says they are innocent children so should be let go, they try to attack Anshuman Panday but are once again stopped by the security, Anshuman says the Luthras need to mediate and remain calm, the media enters the Luthra Mansion again when Anshuman says they should get back on work as the Luthra’s are leaving the house with their own desire and now this is his house, the entire Luthra family is shocked.

Precap:Anshuman says they should on all news channel that he is the owner, preeta coming from behind reveals she is the owner of this house hearing which everyone is stunned while Preeta is smiling.

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