Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Episode

Preeta mentions she is very hurt to find out that his friends call him bad, informing they do not understand him and because of all that he does not understand himself but he is a very nice person. Shaurya asks her to not be so polite with him, Preeta smiling says now she would act in a rude manner and instructs him to leave his house, Shaurya gets shocked when Preeta starts laughing questioning why should not be polite with him when he has come to her house, Preeta explains he really liked when she made the laddo so would also like the kheer which she makes. Preeta asks what would he do sitting here since she will make the kheer while he can talk with her.

Mr Akash Mehta asks Shilpi to go with Thakkar to the auction and win it under any circumstance, Rajveer stops Shilpi hearing which they all are shocked. Rajveer informs that his friend Mohit works in the company of Karan Luthra so he can help them, Mr Akash does not understand, Rajveer informs Mohit can tell them about the quote of Karan Luthra but he can only help them if he himself is present there. Mr Akash asks if Rajveer does not think it is unethical when Rajveer informs Mohit would only tell him the approximate quote, he says he is ready to go with them but will promise that they will come back only after winning the auction. Mr Akash agrees that they all would go together, Rajveer thinks that fate is on his side since he has gotten the chance to fight with karan, he exclaims they all think he will take the help of Mohit but he will win the auction after using his mind. Rajveer mentions revenge can only be complete with a strong mind and his anger with regards to karan Luthra is so great that he will surely make him fall from the skies to the floor.

Shaurya is sitting staring at the Kheer when Preeta asks him, he mentions it is enough and he does not want anything else. Preeta mentions she wants him to speak since making kheer is a long process so she thought they both would start talking. Shaurya replies that he does not know how to talk, Preeta smiling says she is going to teach him so explains they at the first meeting ask the name, but he already knows her name. Preeta getting shocked asks about it, he calls her Masi when she informs he can ask where they live and who stays with them. Shaurya replies he knows who lives in their house as along with her Rajveer lives, one other aunti and her son. Preeta then ass Shaurya who explains there are a couple of oldies, Preeta is shocked when he informs there is her Great Grandmother, along with his Grandmother and her father’s aunt, along with one father and mother. Preeta laughing explains that mostly everyone has a single mother and father. Preeta seeing that the sugar jar is empty asks Shaurya to pass him the jar placed on the top shelf, he asks if she is also going to make him work. Preeta replies this is just a help as she will make him do the work after a while, Shaurya while picking the jar accidentally drops the oil, Preeta apologies explaining they have made a mistake while putting it on the wrong place, Preeta asks him to be careful and not step on it, Shaurya angrily looking at the oil, thinks that he threw it close to her so she will fall once she steps on it and get hurt after hurt after which Rajveer will cry seeing her condition since he really loves her. Shaurya however accidentally protects Preeta explaining she would have gotten hurt after falling, so Preeta starts smiling.

Rajveer is sitting on the table when Mr Ashok asks him to call his friend and find out about the auction, they all start forcing him when Rajveer explains he will call his friend. Mr Ashok explains he has really trusted Rajveer but if they lose this auction then his reputation would be ruined along with all the business relations. Rajveer informs he has really researched about this hotel project but before he can say anything Mr Ashok is shocked seeing Karan Luthra coming. Rajveer also gets furious thinking the time has come that he gives a befitting reply to what he has done in the past. Mr Ashok instructs Rajveer to call his friend and ask about it, Rjaveer pretends that he is calling and then acts as shocked, Rajveer mentions they have fired him from the job, Mr Ashok gets furious exclaiming he ahs not come here to lose, Rajveer assures he will not let him lose explaining he has really researched on this project and knows what they have to do, Mr Mehta explains he cannot take this risk so gets up to leave, Karan stops Mr Mehta questioning what is he doing here since he thought Mr Mehta would not be present here. Rishab is amazed to see Rajveer so asks him what is he doing here, Mr Mehta asks them to meet his new employee, Karan shakes the hand of Rajveer mentioning it is business and they should not work with their heart but just have to use their mind. Karan leaves after wishing good luck to Mr Mehta.
Sanjay the host of the auction mentions he is very glad they all have come here; Karan starts making notes when Rishab explains they must think why Rajveer has joined the company of Mr Mehta. Karan explains he must not say that Rajveer joined the company of Mr Mehta due to his fight with Shaurya. Karan himself gets stunned thinking what he has just said.

Preeta asks Shaurya who is he angry with he keeps punishing himself, Shaurya replies no one while thinking about how his father scolded him in the house, he explains his father really loves him. Preeta mentions she said the kheer would be ready whole they keep talking, Preeta starts pouring it while Shaurya thinks how is she talking so nicely with him and knows so much about him, he ties to leave when she asks him to come back and hands him the bowl, she keeps instructing him to blow it before eating. Preeta then makes him eat with her own hands, he wonders why is she being so nice with him. Shaurya hands him the bowl but he accidentally drops it, Preeta starts cleaning his jacket explaining he eats just like a child, she says she would help him eat but he leaves, explaining he forgot something. Preeta wonders what is the reason that he is so angry with the entire world.

Sanjay informs they all have this board so anyone who wants to bid then would raise it, he explains he is glad that Mr karan Luthra is also present here, karan mentions it is all about location and he feels that even if this hotel is very small, they have managed to gather such an impressive crowd to bid. Karan thanks Rishab for informing him about this hotel, Rishab says he keeps his eyes and ears open. Rajveer mentions he will come back but Mr Mehta instructs him to stay here, the bidding starts and after a while Rishab wonders what has Mr Mehta come here to do, Rajveer after a while explains he is going to give them one last offer, so explains they are not only going to purchase this hotel but share it with them and so they are going to become partners, he explains they know his wife is suffering from cancer so they are even going to help him in the treatment, Sanjay goes to consult with the officials when Karan places one last bid of eighty crores, Sanjay apologies explaining they are going to give this bid to Rajveer, hearing this karan is shocked and gets up to leave. Rajveer calls him from behind explaining he has given the first lesson of business that they must not lose focus and always think from their mind which is what he has done here today, karan is shocked.

Precap: Sandy tells Shaurya he has gotten a feeling for the aunt of Rajveer, Shaurya replies he gets a feeling of a mother from her which is even greater then his own mom. Preeta tells Gurpreet how she also gets a strange feeling after meeting Shaurya and does not know why she talk about him in such a manner as if he is her own son.

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