Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2024 Written Episode

Karan tells Preeta they can never change their past and for some people the past never goes away so they try to see it even in their present, Preeta does not understand, karan explains his mother is a bit stressed and Preeta knows that a mother does not know what to say so he requests Preeta to even understand his mother for some time, Preeta agrees saying she did not mean it but his mother talks nicely with everyone but just not her so she felt there is something when she asks is it that he is not telling the truth, karan thinks when the doctor informed him that Preeta does not remember anything from her past and no one should make her remember it, Karan explains that his mother is stressed for a lot of years revealing that preeta just came as a therapist now but his Dadi has been ill for so many years, karan gets a call from Mr Mehta so explains that he is going to meet him outside the house, Preeta is sure that there is something which karan is not telling her so she wants to know it.

Kavya is trying to select the things but is not able to understand when Nidhi comes inside apologizing for not being able to help her, Kavya sits in front of her when Nidhi assures she is feeling guilty as she cannot do anything however would be able to dance at her wedding, Kavya apologizes saying Nidhi took such great care of everyone from the family but they did not appreciate her, Nidhi says that she is her mother and no one can take the place of the mother which is very difficult, Preeta coming asks Kavya to come, Nidhi says that Preeta came at the right time so informs Kavya she has given the responsibility of her wedding to Preeta, hearing this Kavya gets very emotional and starts crying when Preeta comes asking why is Kavya crying,

Palki tells Bi jee she has made her favorite Masala tea, Shanaya enters the house calling her mother when Bi jee questions where is she going, Shanaya explains he came back after shopping and they want to go to the function, Daljeet even comes asking Bi jee how did she like the dress, Bi jee says they themselves go to the market then ask how do they like it, she asks if Shanaya also takes the permission of her mother, Bi jee says even Palki would do the same when Daljeet informs that Palki does not have any choice for the clothes and it is the same with her life partner when she agreed to marry the first person whom she met, Shanaya replies it is not the case. Bi jee says she does not want to go to the function and asks Daljeet to take the girls, Palki then insists Bi jee mentioning she will even meet the new family of Shanaya, Bi jee agrees informing then when she asks Palki to do something then she would also have to agree to her, Palki hugs Bi jee who mentions Daljeet tends to force her by involving the girls.

Rajveer is in the room wondering what can he do, Mohit comes telling him that someone came to meet him when Mr Panday enters the room, Rajveer closes the door questioning why did Mr Panday came here as this is his house when Mr Panday says that he would not have come here if Rajveer had answered the call, Mr Panday informs Rajveer only has some time to bring back the papers since when the time ends then what he will do would not be the liking of Rajveer.

Shaurya asks if the detective knows he has to come to the party today and can wear any disguise when the detective asks what is Shaurya suspicious about, Shaurya says that he wants the detective to keep an eye on his father and tell him about anything that happens.

Preeta asks Kavya what is the need to cry when her mother would get better very soon, Kavya thinks of when her father told them all that Preeta does not have any memory of her past, Nidhi explains that Kavya is going to get married and today is a very important function. Preeta thinks of how she feel suspicious of Roma jee. Kavya tells Nidhi that she does not love Varun, even when she likes him a lot but he proposed to her, but the way he has been acting is very strange so she does not know, Nidhi informs Kavya that they are not wrong since all the preparations have been made. Nidhi asks Preeta what is she looking at, Preeta replies she was just looking at how they both are talking like a mother and daughter and she prays she also had a daughter like Kavya who is so innocent, Nidhi mentions that kavya is her daughter however then after a moment informs Preeta is also just like her mother, Nidhi informs she will come today as a guest in the function while Preeta will be the mother hearing this Preeta hugs Kavya, karan seeing them both from the door gets emotional so with a smile is just looking at them, Preeta notices him standing there when he turns to leave but Preeta stops him, explaining she wants that Kavya should come out with her as she needs to show the decoration as Kavya might even have some preferences, so she asks Karan to come and take care of Nidhi, Preeta leaves with kavya when Karan coming to Nidhi thanks her saying they need a very big heart, Nidhi replies she does not want his thank but something else, Karan turns back to leave but Nidhi is still smiling.

Preeta asks kavya how does she like the decorations and what does she feel they should change it, Kavya replies that if Preeta has done it then it would be good, however Preeta replies it is still not complete when Kavya is just looking at her, Shaurya coming to Kavya explains Preeta is a nice women and she cares for everyone and is even helpful, Shaurya informs he had breakdown when Nidhi mom was in the hospital so he kept crying but she gave him back the confidence and he feels that Preeta is just like mom, Kavya thinks that she is their mother but when Shaurya knows that she is their actual mother then he will start hating her and then Kavya asks why is he furious, Shaurya replies she cannot think that Nidhi mom did something so strange due to dad, Kavya replies it is not the case but Shaurya leaves, Kavya thinks that Shaurya loves their mother with the same feeling however does not know it so she prays that their mother gets better very soon.

Karan is walking thinking of Nidhi when Mahesh calls him but he does not stop so Mahesh asks Karan what has happened to him, Karan replies sometimes the quiet behavior of people hurt them a lot which might not be the case if the tell the truth, Mahesh does not understand when karan explains Nidhi is not bad and if this was the case then he would have send her away a long time ago but he feels scared as he cannot give Nidhi what she desires, Mahesh consoles Karan.

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