Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2024 Written Episode

Preeta says his mother is pleading in front of him and he should do what she has asked him to do, she begs in front of Rajveer so he runs to her side and is not able to say anything when she says if he would not do it due to her then she is begging in front of him, she says that Karan needs his help so how can she request him for it but Rajveer still refuses to do it, Preeta angrily slaps him again seeing which even the ward boy is shocked. She asks how he become so stubborn as they have raised him or someone else, she kneels in front of him while holding his hand, asking him to see how she is kneeling so he should have some sympathy and he should save the life of someone. Rajveer starts pulling his hand out from that of Preeta when she asks if he does not care and where the concern went from his eyes, she says he has changed a lot. Rajveer is just standing looking the other way, preeta sees the knife placed in front of her and so thinks of a plan, she says he does not care that the blood of someone is spilling then what difference does it make if it is either the blood or Karan or Preeta, she stabs her hand when Rajveer witnessing it gets shocked questioning what has she done, she asks him to let go her because if he cannot help Karan then there is no need to help her, he quickly places the bandage around her hand assuring that nothing will happen, but Preeta gets unconscious so he picks her up calling the doctor.

Nidhi is crying in the room while Karan is still unconscious, she slowly goes to hold his hand pleading that he should get fine, she says that her life is form him and whenever anything happens to him she gets hurt a lot, she sitting beside him pleads that he should get fine, Shaurya walking outside the room stops to hear his mother mentioning she really gets hurt and she loves him a lot, her life revolves around him and she knows that she makes a lot of mistakes but cannot see anything in front of his love so what can she do, he does not love her and she is just the mother of Shaurya but he is not just the father o Shaurya for her but everything, she came into this house for him because she loves him a lot, and he is the first relation for her so how would she live without him, she explains she loves Shaurya but after him and everything is just after him, she says she is scared seeing him like this and she hugging him says he should not leave her, the nurse enters requesting mam to wait outside but she requests her for just a moment however the nurse insists on not letting her stay here, Shaurya entering the room asks Nidhi to come with him but she is just looking at karan who is still unconscious however Shaurya manages to take her outside the room. Kavya standing in the corner sees Nidhi crying a lot while hugging Shaurya.

Rajveer runs into the hospital calls the doctor and when he asks the reason, Rajveer informs him she cut her wrist in anger but then Rajveer takes her to the room following the doctor, he places her on the bed while standing beside her, the doctor opens the bandage, the doctor asks Rajveer to inform the police saying it is the protocol of the hospital, the doctor asks the reason she cut her wrist but Rjaveer leaves after thinking about the reason she did it, he walks out of the room.

Rajveer is walking in the hall thinking about how his mother pleaded with him to do it as she is begging him, he keeps thinking how Nidhi mentioned they have to keep Preeta away from karan because she always comes like a death warrant for Karan, he is thinking of how Karan would rejoice for him but Shristhi Maa informed him that the Luthra’s have thrown her sister out a lot of times after humiliating her, he sees the ICU while thinking about how his mother cut the wrist in front of his eyes to force him to save Karan, Rajveer enters the ICU, standing in front of him, he says he did not want to save the great Karan Luthra so no one finds out their blood group is a match, after which he would be forced to think they have some sort of relation because he has seen him with his maa a lot of times, and he accidentally called her Maa, he never wanted to make him suspicious that they have any relation because he is very smart so would have found out everything that they have some relation which is why he did not want to give the blood while there were two reasons first of which he did not want anyone to find the truth while the second reason is more important that he hates him for what he has done and his mother is in this condition due to him, Rajveer mentions he has come here to save Karan Luthra only because of his maa who does not even know he is her husband, she is emotionally broken because she still loves him even when she does not remember the past but her heart and mind knows him for life times, Rajveer says he is going to save the life of karan today but after that will make his life hell, he is not going to let him stay alive in that life for which karan has to wake up since he needs to take revenge and will surely achieve it, Rajveer says Karan would burn in the fire that he is burning in at the moment which he would make sure happens, Karan will see that a son can burn the entire universe for his mother, he is will take the revenge for her, Rajveer wipes of his tears while furiously walking out of the room, meanwhile karan is still unconscious.

The doctors are checking Preeta when the nurse asks why has she not regained consciousness however the doctor replies that she is fine as it is just a cut, the nurse asks why is she not awake and the doctor replies she has surely suffered some mental trauma in the past and so asks the nurse to prepare all of the tools, Rajveer returns when the doctor says she is unconscious and has something happened in the past with her, he reveals she is unconscious due to the mental state which is the reason for her condition. The doctor asks if Rajveer can tell him, and he starts thinking of how she would get hurt when there was any marriage. Rajveer says he has the health reports and is going to forward them to him, the doctor is shocked asking if she has lost her memory, he says that her present condition is fine and Rajveer can take her back home after she wakes up but he warns Rajveer to not forger that the reason for her being unconscious is not the cut but her mental condition so Rajveer should not let her take any stress, he advises Rajveer to take special care of the patient, Rjaveer leaves mentioning he has some important work.

Shaurya coming to Nidhi asks what has happened and requests her to take some water, he questions why is she crying like this as nothing would happen to Dad but Nidhi replies she is very tense, he assures her son is by her side and nothing would happen. Shaurya replies he does not know how to calm anyone since he does not cry himself, he says he is saying it with a pure heart that he would stay beside Nidhi and she must not cry, Nidhi asks if he will stay forever so Shaurya hugs her assures he would not leave her side, Karina comes asking the reason she is crying, Shaurya asks Karina but to see how she keeps crying fearing something would happen to Dad when he has said they will take care of him. Karina sits with Nidhi asking her to not cry as nothing will happen to Karan but Nidhi replies she will not be able to stay alive and die, Karina asks Nidhi to think positively and believe in Bhagwan, Karina goes to hug her while Shaurya also tensed, Kavya thinks Nidhi mom loves Dad a lot which she has seen for the first time and did not know it, she thinks her mama would have seen the love of Nidhi due to which she did not come back home, kavya is tensed.

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