Kundali Bhagya 6th February 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th February 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 6th February 2024 Written Episode

Rajveer enters the room of Preeta who is still unconscious, he sits beside her bed while holding her hand and says that he just has her in this entire world, he does not want any other relationship and only needs her in his life, he knows that her heart is aware of the other relations she has so her heart beats for them, how can he tell her to not beat for them and to not love them all as they do not deserve her love, Rajveer is emotional when Preeta slowly wakes up, she remembers how she tried to convince Rajveer to give the blood but he got furious at her refusing to donate the blood, Mohit also enters the room when he informs that Karan sir got the blood, hearing which Preeta replies she wants to go home. Rajveer agrees but Preeta tells Mohit to take her back home but first takes her to the reception as she will herself fill the formalities to go back home, she leaves so Rajveer asks Mohit to go with her while Rajveer gets emotional.

Daljeet is furious asking what was the need to go alone, she says that she was trying to make the life of them both but they are ruining it all, Palki asks if she had asked her then would have she let her go, Daljeet replies that Palki had decided herself when Shanaya questions why is Daljeet scolding Palki so much since she just went to the hospital, Daljeet however says that Shanaya should stay quiet because what if her marriage with Shaurya got affected after something happened to Palki, hearing this Palki says that Daljeet is always worried about the marriage of Shaurya and Shanaya but how would it be affected if something happened to her, she says that she trusts Rajveer would always be there to protect her even if Maa does not have any trust in him, Palki asks if Daljeet knows how much they have suffered but asks why does she differentiate between him because he does not have money like the Luthra family, Palki replies if he was the son of Luthra family then she would have pushed her towards him but she cannot be like this and needs to go stand with Rajveer since he always stood by her. Shanaya tries to stop Daljeet when she does not want to listen to anything saying she should just focus on her relationship with Shaurya.

Preeta comes out of the room when Rajveer goes to her, Preeta tells Gurpreet to tell Rajveer there is no need to make this face because she has seen how much he loves her or not but Rajveer replies that he is not faking anything whether she means the world to him, Preeta replies the children know how to twist the words, Rajveer tries to explain when Preeta asks Gurpreet to tell Rajveer how she does not want to talk with him, Rajveer leaves saying then even he does not want to eat anything, Preeta is worried.

Karan sitting in his room is just thinking about how he got shot while trying to protect Preeta, he tries to get up but his chest is hurting a lot however after a lot of struggle manages to sit straight, thinks where is Preeta because she did not come back home nor was she present in the hospital, he thinks the way she talks to him is like never before and there is something wrong with it all as he cannot understand something which is not present before him.

Karina enters telling Karan how Varun came to meet him, Varun sits asking how is Karan who replies he is perfectly fine when Varun mentions he is tense but Karan says he just wants to get them both married however Varun explains he just needs to focus on his health, Karan asks how is everyone when Varun explains that he would be in a lot of pain so should just take the medicine while not focus about the office, karan replies he would get fine very soon when Nidhi comes with the soup, Karina suggests to Varun how they can go to meet Kavya, Varun leaves telling Karan can call him whenever he needs anything. Nidhi prepares the table for Karan who says he would drink the soup but Nidhi insists on giving the soup from her own hands.

Mohit is having tea with Gurpreet and Preeta when Rajveer comes out to call Maa, he sits by her side when Preeta asks how many times can she say that she does not want to talk, Rajveer tries to stop her but she leaves. Gurpreet asks him to not be worried as she is a mother so would be fine after a while, Gurpreet explains she will bring the tiffin for him and says he should go happily as everything would be fine. Mohit tells Gurpreet he cannot understand anything because Preeta je suffered a heartbreak while even Rajveer is not talking with anyone, Gurpreet asks Mohit to not be worried as this is how the relationship is between a son and a mother.

Karan tries to get up but screams from pain when Nidhi comes asking what is he doing, she says he should have the soup after which she will give him the medicine. Shaurya sees his mom with his dad and leaves with a smile on his face.

In the morning Rajveer comes out of the room while Preeta is cooking in the kitchen, he pours the water when she brings the tiffin for him but leaves without saying, he leaves without even taking the tiffin which worries Preeta.

Nidhi helps Karan walk down the stairs, he asks Varun how is he doing when he asks how his health of Karan, Rajveer enters explaining he has brought the medicine for Karan which he must take on time so Nidhi says she will give it to him, Kavya is looking at them all.

Rajveer is sitting with Preeta on the dinner table but she is still not talking to him so he walks into the room without eating anything which worries Preeta.

Karan is sitting in the room when Nidhi comes asking if he took the medicine but he refuses so she sits by his side, he starts taking out the cover and Nidhi asks what is he doing but he replies he is fine, he then takes the medicine with his own hands. Nidhi is just looking at him with a smile on her face, karan says he is saying he is fine and is not in so much pain, Nidhi helps him lie down to sleep.

Karan walks down the stairs when Nidhi asks him to have breakfast but Nidhi says he should take leave from the office, karan requests Bua to convince Nidhi that he must go to the office however Karina Bua agrees with Nidhi, Rajveer comes asking Karan if they would go to the auction together when Nidhi replies that nor together or separately and says that Karan must stay back with them, Kavya also comes telling Karan how he should not go anywhere, he agrees with her so then asks Rajveer to come with him to the study where he will show the details.

Varun enters the house when Kavya goes to greet him, he requests her to not refuse the invitation revealing that some of his friends are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the farm and she must come with him, kavya agrees. Nidhi asks Varun to enter the house, and Karan greets him when he greets both Karan and Rajveer. Nidhi asks Gareth to bring tea for the son-in-law when Varun tries to refuse but is forced to agree. Shaurya also comes down when he greets Varun after which he says he is very late, he gets shocked seeing Rajveer with his father Karan. Nidhi talks of the Valentine’s trip hearing which Karan asks about, Nidhi reveals that Varun is saying he wants to take Kavya on a Valentine’s trip where all of his married friends would join, and Varun leaves after getting a call. Rajveer says that married couples are going but Kavya and Varun have not been married, kavya replies she was also thinking is right to go there, Shaurya asks what is the big deal as she should make new friends but Karan refuses to any out nights explaining that they have not been married till, Nidhi asks what would they do now when Karan asks Rajveer to bring two files from his room, he asks Varun to join them for the breakfast when Shaurya leaves back angrily. Varun asks Kavya what everyone says about the trip.

Shaurya stops Rajveer from behind asking if he knows who he is Shaurya, Rajveer replies that Shaurya does not know about himself, Shaurya replies if Rajveer does not know how to speak then he must stay quiet, and he warns that he should keep the mentality to himself as what was he saying that kavya did not get married to Varun but they should find out if they are compatible with each other as this is what happens before marriage, Shaurya asks when did he say that they should not understand each other before the marriage but he is just saying Kavya would not be compatible with the friends of Varun, Shaurya warns Rajveer to not try to be the brother of KD, Rajveer furiously replies he is not trying but is the brother of Kavya.

Precap: Nurse says to Karan the person who gave you blood is Rajveer. Rajveer says to a man I want to destroy Karan’s business. He says join your hands with me and we will succeed in your mission.

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