Kundali Bhagya 8th July 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 8th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 8th July 2024 Written Episode

Varun starts smiling seeing Rajveer being arrested, Roma asks why is Varun so excited so Varun informs that Rajveer has been arrested by the police on the charges of scam and he has done it to the Luthra’s, Varun is glad that now Preeta je would focus on bringing out her son and what to do or not, the door bell rings when Roma wonders who might be there, Roma opening the door is shocked to see Aaliya who furiously goes to Varun asking why was he not answering her call, Varun replies he was busy, Aaliya replies he is always busy and if he has been fed up by her then should tell her, Roma says that there is no need to talk like this, Aaliya says Roma should not behave like the mother of Varun in front of her when she has met his real mother, Varun asks Aaliya to calm down explaining he was busy but is now going to surely take care of her, Aaliya while crying sits on the couch saying he ignores her and does not even talk to her so she feels lonely.

Varun hugging her explains that they have the connection by heart so she says she is his wife but he does not have time for her, Varun informs he has to go to the police station to which Aaliya replies she knows he would have to leave for work when she came, Varun replies he does business with the luthra’s and so needs to go to the police station, Aaliya once again gets furious at him saying he should tell the truth, Varun replies if she cannot understand what he has been saying to her, Aaliya replies the truth is that he is fake and does not want to live with her, Varun replies he said he has to go there an if she thinks he is fake then should leave, Roma going to Varun says if this goes on in the same manner then Aaliya will reveal thee truth about him and so they have to do something about her, Varun replies Aaliya loves him a lot so this is why she is behaving in this manner, he requests there is no need to harm Aaliya asking if he is clear about it, Varun is worried.

Rajveer apologizes to Kavya saying everyone trusted him a lot and he was not able to fulfill their believe while is now locked up, he says he even broke her trust but Kavya asks him to not apologize as she knows he is innocent and explains she still trusts him in the same manner while she should have to apologize to him as she cannot do anything because Nidhi mom scared everyone so much that they should not help him. Rajveer gets tensed explaining he feels very bad because he has not been able to even protect her, Kavya says he would do it tomorrow as he has to protect her for the entire life while she will force him, Kavya says she is his elder sister and should protect him but she cannot think about what to do, Rajveer says he felt nice that she came to meet him and he feels as if someone from his family came to meet him, Kavya replies she will surely do something even when she does not have any idea about it right now, Rajveer is relieved.

Preeta standing in the Mandir prays that she does not know what to do as when she went to the lawyer he refused to take the case of Rajveer and even the Luthra’s believe that her son is wrong, Preeta says she does not even know who is trying to blame her son but she should be shown the way to solve it all.

Dadi and Daljeet are standing when she says that this girl does not feel like coming back home, Dadi exclaims she has not returned till now when Daljeet replies she told Palki that she would show her what it means to be worse, Palki comes to the door when Shanaya gets excited so Palki slowly enters the house when Dadi closes the door saying that palki should now go back, Dadi replies they scolded her a bit but she left the house, Daljeet threatens to break the legs if she goes out of the house, Palki asks what are they both saying, Shanaya is also not able to believe it asking what do they mean by keeping her in the house, Dadi orders Shanaya to stop and realize that the when the elders say something then it is for the good of them, Dadi says Palki needed some time for herself but she went out to meet Preeta and Rajveer, Palki replies that Preeta needs her support at the moment and she has always stood by her side so she is going to leave, Daljeet forces Palki into the room while Dadi stops Shanaya . Palki is thrown into the room by Daljeet who replies she is her mother and would never do anything wrong to her, Palki requests her mother to open the door saying she cannot do anything of the sort, Daljeet exclaims now she would see how Palki goes to help that preeta je, Dadi agrees with what Daljeet has done as if Palki keeps supporting Preeta like this then it might break the relation of Daljeet, Shanaya says they both are doing wrong, Daljeet orders Shanaya to go back to her house while Palki keeps requesting her to open the door however Palki is emotional.

Preeta wonders why can she not find any auto, she is shocked to see Nidhi talking with Arohi how she is very glad about what happened because she used to hear the name of Rajveer more in the house and now he has been arrested, Arohi says it all happened due to Shaurya but Nidhi replies that she is the one who provoked Shaurya that Rajveer is taking over the entire business and family, Nidhi is glad that now everything is in her control, Arohi exclaims she has to leave since she is getting very late and so she walks away, Preeta coming to Nidhi says she has heard it all that Rajveer got arrested due to her, as she heard about what Nidhi was telling to Arohi, Preeta explains that Nidhi and Shaurya both know that her son has not done anything, Nidhi says she will go to complain about Preeta in the same police station, Preeta replies Nidhi should come with her but Nidhi replies Preeta must go and tell the inspector what she has heard and if after hearing it all the Inspector lets Rajveer go then she should party after it.

Preeta entering the police station says that she wants to meet the Inspector, the lady constable says the officer will come after a while, Preeta requests the inspector to let Rajveer go as she herself heard Nidhi and Arohi talking that she is the one who provoked Shaurya to file a case against Rajveer, Inspector replies that he had already told preeta to go and bring the proof but Preeta replies that she is the witness however Inspector demands that he should let Rajveer go, Inspector says Preeta must go and ask Shaurya to take back the complaint because only the one who filed it can take it back, Preeta thinks she will go and talk to Shaurya that he must take back the complaint as he would have listened to Nidhi, Preeta leaves.

Dadi asks Daljeet when will her son come back home, Daljeet says that she does not know when he will return because he is never by her side so she does not know it, Dadi replies in their time the children did not have that much freedom, Palki from the room says it is not wrong to help someone and how could they change, Daljeet asks Shanaya to come and says if Palki keeps yelling like this then the neighbors would say that they are torturing her, Shanaya opening the door asks palki to stay in the room and then explains she cannot go like this, Palki asks if she would have to stay here for the entire life, Shanaya informs she does not know what has happened to their parents but for now Palki must remain calm and she should explain herself after their elders calm down. Palki replies she cannot bear it, Shanaya says she has been telling her to just calm down, Shanaya comes out saying even her mother and Dadi should remain calm, Shanaya is asked to make tea but she leaves.

Palki is worried thinking that she should have been with Preeta je so she prays to Bhagwan to help Preeta je.

Rakhi asks Kavya when she met him then how was he doing, Kavya says he tried his best that she does not find out but she could see he is not fine as there is a weird storm inside him and she could see he was not fine, Bani Dadi says how can anyone be good in the lockup, Mahesh says there is a weird confusion and he does not know what to do, Karina replies if Mahesh feels that he should help Rajveer then should go to the police station, Bani Dadi exclaims then there would be an argument in this house, Bani Dadi suggests they should wait for Karan to return, Kavya asks if this means her brother would stay in the lockup for the entire night, Bani Dadi exclaims this is the problem because if they help Rajveer then her other bother Shaurya would get furious and even her Nidhi mom would create a scene, Nidhi entering the Luthra mansion says her own family is having a meeting against her, she is furious.

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