Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 16th September 2017 Written Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 16th September 2017 Written Update by MA

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 16th September 2017 Written Episode

Amla talks to Abeer on phone and asks where is he? Abeer says she came to enquire something. Amla asks if he went following Dev and asks where is he? Abeer tells the location. Amla disconnects the call and tells Karuna that she has to go. Karuna asks her to take her phone and inform her. Amla says ok and goes. Mahi hugs Ritu and says she is feeling suffocated. Ritu says I:am worried about you, left your Papa alone to come here. She says you know them and took this decision. Mahi says this was the only way to get here. I had to do this to insult Rishan malik and Suveer, and asks her not to worry. She says her real motive is something else. She tells Ritu that Evan thinks she wants to take revenge on them, but he didn’t know that her real motive is to punish them.

She says Amla

has saved my life from getting ruined, and I could do this for her. She recalls and a fb is shown, Mahi meets Amla and says when she came to know about Suveer, she didn’t know how to react or tell anything. She says now I understood and thanks her for saving her life. She says if you had not saved me then I would have married that devil and cursed myself all life. Amla smiles. Mahi thanks her and says I want to help you and get Suveer punished and justice for her.
Amla says she don’t want to remember her past. Mahi asks how can you let him free. Amla says I told you so that I can warn you. Mahi says you don’t deserve this, nobody deserves this. She says I will fight for you and will stand with you. Amla asks with whom she will fight, and get punishment for Suveer, Evan and Viraj. Mahi is shocked to learn this. Amla says Suveer was not alone that night, even they were there. Mahi is shocked and cries. Amla says when you couldn’t believe, how can I make others belief. Mahi says you stood silence after all this. You shall get them punished. You can’t stay quiet, I can’t let you be quiet. Amla says she can’t take risk and says after your marriage was called off, Evan came here to beat and threaten us. If do anything then he will not leave Abeer. Mahi says nothing will happen and says she gives guarantee. Amla says happiness came in her life with much difficulty and she don’t want to lose it. Mahi hugs her. Fb ends.
Ritu asks Mahi to be careful from them. Mahi says they are in my control. Evan and Hema came and asks her to have lunch. Ritu says she came for a meeting, her flight got late so she came here to meet her. Mahi goes to drop her. Hema says something is cooking between them. Evan says if she is thinking that everything is happening according to her, then let it be. He says I am the king of jungle and will control her.

Evan meets Dev somewhere and asks why did you call me. Abeer hears them. Dev says Amla is not agreeing. Evan asks what do you mean. You said that she loves you and will do everything. Dev says she loves me, but behaving as if I am nothing for her. She refuses to keep my stuff and let me stay there. Evan says you couldn’t convinced her to stay there. Dev asks what is my mistake. Evan says my plan is ruined because of you, and says my plan was to send you there, you would have win her trust and take her signatures on blank papers. He says he would have written that I have not involved in that crime and says because of you, my plan was ruined. He calls him moron and beats Dev. He tells that he got him saved from going to jail. Dev says she has become stone and not listening to me. Evan says I thought you will come to my use, and says I would have killed you that time, it was my mistake. He raises his hand on Dev. Dev warns him.

Evan says you are alive because of me. Dev says you have saved me for your advantage. Evan smiles and says you showed your status and says I shouldn’t have helped you. Dev says you have used me for your motive. Abeer hears them and comes infront of them and claps. Evan says what a pleasant surprise, it is a reunion. He says one member is missing, you know what I am talking about, Amla. Amla is running and is on the way.

Abeer says when Dev came for the first time, I had a doubt and thought he can’t stoop low to hurt Amla for a cheap man, but I was wrong. Amla asks someone about SP road and is running still. Abeer then warns Evan to kill him if he tries to harm Amla. Evan pretends to be scared and asks Dev to save him, hides behind him. He then smiles and calls him loser. He says did you forget that I had beaten you in your house and punished your wife, what you can do. Abeer slaps him. They start fighting. Evan points gun at Abeer. Amla comes there and sees Abeer at gun point of Evan. She runs and stands infront of Abeer protecting him, asking Evan to leave him. Dev is shocked. Evan says it is a classical situation and asks whom to kill you, Abeer or you. Abeer asks Amla to go and says it is my fight.

Amla says your fight is my fight and asks him to come. Evan asks them to stop melodrama and says if you want to stay together then I will kill you both now itself. He asks them to say bye to each other and is about to pull the trigger. Dev stands silent. Amla covers Abeer and comes infront of him to save him. Evan smiles and says next time, aim will not be wasted and says if you open the mouth even by mistake then it will be last day of you both. He goes. Abeer asks Amla to come. Amla goes near Dev and tells that she is ashamed to love him once, who had promised to protect me all life and built home for me with his hand, promised to be with me all life. She asks if this is love and says your love is broken with a trouble. You are working for the people who had ruined me. She says I thought you are angry and sad, but you are blind. She says what is the difference between you and them. They have raped my body and soul, but you have raped my trust. She says I will not punish you, as I have don’t right on you and don’t want to have any relation with you.

Amla and Abeer comes to the police station. Inspector asks her what report she wants to file. Amla says Rape. Inspector asks where did it happen. Amla says Dharmshala. Inspector asks the names of the guilty. Amla takes Suveer, Evan and Viraj’s names. Inspector gets tensed hearing Malik’s surname.

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