Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 26th September 2017 Written Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 26th September 2017 Written Update by MA

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 26th September 2017 Written Episode

Viren tells Judge that it was Abeer and Amla’s joint conspiracy and says if he held her first then he shall be jailed. Abeer says I haven’t raped her. Prosecution lawyer says he will talk to his client for a min. Judge says your client don’t trust you and don’t tell everything to you.

Judge comes back to court room and asks Police to take Abeer’s statement and do enquiry. He says it is claimed that Abeer was there, but they were not involved in the rape. He asks Lawyer to submit the proofs and says court is adjourned for 2 weeks. Media surround Amla and asks questions. Ritu watches the news that case was adjourned as the witness haven’t come. She gets tensed and books ticket for Mumbai. Rishan tells Pallavi that Suveer has done a mistake by confessing to the truth.

Pallavi asks them to rectify their mistake and agree to the crime. Rishan gets angry and asks her to go. Rishan says don’t now what will happen in next hearing. Evan says same thing will happen again. Viren says it is not that easy, Abeer opened the mouth and complicated the case. Ritu comes there calling Mahi. She asks where is Mahi and says I know you all have hidden her somewhere. Rishan says she might have went out. Ritu says I am sure that you have kept my daughter somewhere, and says I will find out. She says you knows well what power and politics do together. Evan asks her not to stress her mind and says your husband is still in coma, how you will take care of your daughter. Rishan says we are with you and will take care of your daughter. Evan says who knows better power of politics and that’s why I want to do some work to make sure that my wife and your daughter stay safe. Ritu is shocked. Rishan asks if she need water.
Prosecution Lawyer asks Amla and Abeer, why did you hide this fact from me and says your love story is not less than a wonder. He says but where is Mahi? Ritu comes there and calls Amla. Amla asks about Mahi. Ritu says Mahi couldn’t be found and Evan was threatening her. Lawyer says he will file the case against Evan. Amla says if Mahi’s life is in danger then I don’t want to fight this case. Lawyer asks her to relax. He says we have to find out how to search her. Ritu gets worried for Mahi. Amla promises Ritu that she will bring back Mahi anyhow. She hugs her. Lawyer leaves. Dev calls Abeer. Amla asks him to pick the call and put on speaker. Dev tells Abeer that he knows that they are trying to fight the case and asks him to tell if he has some work for him. Abeer asks him to do something being close to maliks. Dev says may be this way Amla will forgive me. Amla asks him to be careful and says thank you. Dev says you know that I can do anything for you, I felt good when you said.

In the night, Abeer asks Amla to relax and says I know you don’t want to stay here and says once case finishes, we will go back to Dharmshala. Amla says we have to go now itself and says we will talk to Inspector Neeru Beedi and the doctor who made the fake report. Abeer says they refused to help us before. Amla says we shall try atleast. Later Amla packs her bags. Abeer comes to her and asks where is she lost. Amla says life makes a new changes, this whole story started in Dharmshala and we have to go there to end there. Abeer says he will handle. Amla says I am hero of this story, and you can come as a side hero. Abeer says side hero. Amla says you are only hero of my life.

Viren calls Neeru. Neeru tells that truth don’t change. She asks Amla to sit. Viren says I was right. Neeru says yes and says she will talk to her after finishing the work. She tells Amla that she has become popular and asks how to take care of you. Amla tells about the case. Neeru says she will say truth in court and tells that she told her Mumbai friend that truth will not change even now, and laughs. Amla says you are a woman, I was raped and asks can’t she understand her pain and playing with her life. Neeru asks her to stop lecturing and go. Amla says it means you will say lie, and says truth can’t be change, can be hidden for sometime, but can’t be stopped from coming out. Neeru threatens to arrest her.

Viren calls some witness and he asks about Amla’s character. The fake witness tells that Amla was trying to attract all four keys. Amla looks on.

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