Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 18th August 2021 Written Update

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 18th August 2021 Written Update by Amena

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 18th August 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Randhir saying I m ready to give my entire property to Kaveri. Amrit says its not about property, but rights, I don’t want our baby to face partiality, girls also need equal rights. She says Nalini always keeps her responsibility first, but she didn’t get the rights to sit on the throne, she always needed her sons, who gave us a right to see a guy and girl differently. Randhir says I m proud of your thinking, Mohan and my signs will be needed. Amrit says I m sure that we will convince Mohan. She says I want to tell you something, Randhir, Kaveri is our family, forgive her, and accept her again. He says no Amrit, I don’t agree with you. Kaveri cries. Randhir says I would have forgiven her, but she tried to hurt my family, forgive me. He goes. Amrit asks Nalini and Bindu to understand this at least to change the men’s society. She asks them to support. Bindu says I m proud of you, I m always with you. Nalini says I don’t know when and how my annoyance will end for Kaveri, but I respect your thinking, I m with you. Kaveri thanks Amrit.

Doctor checks Vashma. He says she will be fine soon. He goes. Uday hugs Manak. He says Vashma got better because of you. Manak says we will make kada for him. Uday asks him to help, then his mum will be fine. Manak says my mum is fine. Manak and Uday sit talking. Manak says I always missed my mum at my Nani’s place. Uday gets his hand burnt. Manak cares for him. He asks Uday to put his hand in water. He imagines Manak calling him dad. Uday runs to Vashma.

He says you got conscious, look here, he is Manak, he is our Kabir. Uday’s dream ends. Manak asks what happened, why did you run and come here. Uday looks at Vashma and cries. He says I know you love your mum and dad, I will wait when you call us mum and dad. He gives Manak’s hand to Vashma. Randhir gets milk for Amrit. She says no, I will have it tomorrow. He feeds her. He lifts her. He makes her sit. He says your weight is less, you have to eat these laddoos now. She says no. He asks her to have it. They have a talk and hug. She says you are with me, I will do something for sure, I have made a plan. He asks what. She writes a piece of land.

Its morning, Uday comes to Amrit. He gets mangoes for her. He asks where is Kabir. She says Manak doesn’t know his real name, we shall call him Manak. Manak comes and asks are you teaching hockey to someone else. Amrit says no, we were thinking to change your name to Kabir, its nice. He says no, I won’t change, my name is Manak Pratap Singh. Bindu asks him to go with Uday. Manak asks her to come along. She says no need, you can go. Manak says I didn’t grow up. Uday says you become Kanha always, we will celebrate. Manak says no need, I will become my mum’s Kanha.

Bindu says no, this year Uday will make you ready. Manak gets upset and says you don’t love me. He goes. She cries and says I will get lonely without him. Nalini says its so sad, we have to do something to change the ambience of the house. Amrit says there is one way. Nalini and everyone meet the party chief. He says Amrit has called me here, she said she has some new idea of a play. Nalini asks what play. Amrit comes with Randhir. Randhir says we thought to narrate a story. Amrit says its a story of a woman, who was made helpless by her family, see our play, a piece of land. The man praises her talents. He says this will make our party image better, start the preparations, we will support you. Amrit says this time, people will do something after seeing the play, its not for entertainment, it will make people think. He says start it soon. He leaves. Amrit says its a gift for the society from our side, we want everyone to come and watch the play, will you come. Mohan looks on.

Randhir says no girl has come for the play. Nalini says its tough to find the actress. They all do the puja. Vashma gets conscious.

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