Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 20th March 2024 Written Update

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 20th March 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 20th March 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kesar opening the door thinking Kabir has come. The goons enter the room and holds her. Kesar pushes them and tries to go to the bedroom. The goon takes out the knife and holds Kesar’s head, to stab her. Kabir comes there and holds the knife in his hand. He beats the goons and asks Kesar if she is fine. He takes her dupatta and ties on his injured hand. The goon gets up and attacks them. Kabir fights with the goons. Kesar recalls Kabir saving her in her childhood too, and gets emotional. She recalls Kabir saving her from Queen’s goons. Oh Piya Re plays…..She thinks Kabir takes all the trouble on himself, and don’t let anything happen to me. She thinks he stood infront of her like a mountain. Kabir beats the goons and asks how dare they to touch his Kesar. The goons run away. Kabir asks kesar if she is fine? Kesar says yes. She asks him to sit and goes to get first aid box.

Hetal introduces Prateik to Ambika, Babu ji and Baa. Prateik introduces himself and says he came for partnership in their company and when he met Dhruvi, he thought that he can’t find a better life partner than her. Hetal says she likes his alliance. Babu ji asks Hetal to feed him food. Hetal asks him to come to the Dining table. Prateik looks for Kesar’s photos and asks Hetal where is everyone? Hetal says Ansh, Jinal etc are not at home. Prateik asks where are there? Hetal says our family is this much. Babu ji says Hetal has forgotten about my grand son Kabir and other grand son Suraj’s wife Kesar. He says they are not at home now. Hetal thinks she will not let him meet them and thinks they might be dead by now.

Kesar bandages Kabir’s hand. She says we shall go home and says Babu ji must be worried. She says she don’t want Hetal Kaki to accuse us. Kabir says who had planned this attack? Kesar says Suraj. She says just as he knows that we are here, he escaped.

Ambika says forgive me Suraj, she is not understanding what is wrong and what is right. Hetal comes there and tells Baa and Babu ji are doing wrong to support Kesar, and Kesar shall go to jail. She says Baa and Babu ji are supporting that murderer, but I can’t bear that she has snatched our Suraj from us. She says I thought her mad, but she is very clever. She asks if Kesar told us that her relation is not good with Suraj, and says she has won Kabir’s sympathy and made her place in Baa and Babu ji’s lives again. She says when she has confessed the crime then what she will proof. She says Kesar wants to stay here and get saved from jail. She tells that Kesar has ruined her limitations, and broken our trust. She shows her the video in which Kabir is holding the flower in his hand. She says Kesar is shamelessly laughing and taking red rose from Kabir. She tells that I am telling you this, to expose Kesar else she might ruin the future of the children who are staying here. She thinks she has cleverly ousts everyone. She gets a call and the caller tells her that he will soon expose her bad deeds. Hetal panics and calls on the number, but the number is unreachable. Suraj is seen as the caller and he breaks the sim.

Babu ji tells Baa that he is worried as Kabir and Kesar haven’t return. Baa asks him not to be restless. Babu ji thinks Kesar has gone to bring Suraj and says if you had known this, then you would be restless too. Hetal scolds the goons and asks them to feel ashamed of their gundagiri for getting beaten up by Kabir. She says don’t know what Kabir and Kesar are searching. She says the proof related to Suraj, might expose me. She takes the pendrive and says until this trump card is with me, nobody can reach me. She says she will kill them using Ambika and says what Kesar will do if her Maasu went against her.

Ambika thinks of Kabir’s words and Baa’s words. She thinks if I saw half truth there, if Suraj did something that day, that Kesar pushed him. She thinks if Kesar gets the proof then it will be proved that she is innocent else Suraj will be proved innocent.

Kabir and Kesar come home. Hetal asks if they got the proofs. Babu ji asks Kesar in low tone, if they found Suraj. Kesar says he fled before we could reach him. Hetal asks what you are telling Babu ji. Baa asks for proofs.

Episode ends.

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