Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 22nd March 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 22nd March 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ambika missing Ambika falling and Suraj holds her hand and asks if she is fine. Ambika says where did you go, I knew that you will come back to me, and can’t leave your mother alone. Kabir is actually there and tells Ambika that he is Kabir. Ambika looks at him. He asks Ambika not to go out and takes her inside. Kabir tells Kesar about Suraj taking 5 sim cards and 2 mobiles from the shop keeper, and says I took all the details of the sim cards and gave to the Inspector whom I befriended. He says whenever it is used, Inspector will tell me. Kesar asks whom Suraj is calling. Suraj calls Hetal and says you have done double crossed me, and didn’t follow our original plan, I am coming to punish you. Hetal gets shocked and says Suraj….She thinks if he is Suraj, and then thinks he can’t be Suraj, I have….She asks herself to control and says if he is not Suraj then if Kabir and Kesar are playing games with me. She thinks it is good that I recorded everything in this pendrive, that Suraj conspired his own death, I will see who can harm me. Ambika comes to the Mata Rani’s temple and lights the diya. She prays to God and says sometimes she feels Kabir and Kesar are guilty and sometimes she feels that they are her children, and shares her dilemma. Hetal hears her and thinks if she melts then how Kesar will be kicked out and thinks to do something. Aarti thinks if she got vomiting due to Kachori….Shakuntala thinks if Aarti is pregnant. Aarti looks at the pregnancy kit and finds that she is pregnant and thinks to talk to Ansh. Shakuntala comes there and asks if she is pregnant. Aarti says no and asks her to go, so that she can rest.

Kesar asks Kabir to wear suit. Kabir says he will not wear. Kesar asks him to wear and goes. Hetal gives tiffin to Dhruvi. Kabir comes downstairs wearing suit. Kesar signs that he is looking good. Kabir takes Baa and Babu ji’s blessings. Babu ji says Kabir is going to office. Hetal says kabir can’t go without the preparation. Kabir says Dhruvi helped me prepare for it. Kabir touches Ambika’s feet and asks her to bless him in her heart. Ambika asks him to have sugar and curd. Kesar says she will bring. She brings. Baa makes him have it. They leave.

Aarti comes to Jinal. She says sorry for being late. Hetal offers her money and asks her to take it and leave Ansh. Aarti closes the bag and says even if you bring all the wealth of this world, but it is nothing infront of Ansh and my love. She says she wants to give her another chance and will not tell him. She turns to go and says nobody can separate you from your Papa.

Kabir gives the presentation in Hindi. The client questions him in English. Kabir doesn’t understand. The client says whom Rajgaur family sent to do deal with us. The other client says he doesn’t know ‘E’ and want to crack deal. They laugh. Kesar comes there and tells that he can crack many deals with better minds. The client asks Kesar what she is doing here, how did she get bail after killing her husband. The other guy says look at her audicity, she has killed her husband and came here. The first client says she is teaching us what we shall do. Kabir takes Kesar from there. Babu ji asks how was the first day? Kabir says good. Baa says he is ready. Babu ji asks Kesar if she had also gone to office. Kesar says kabir had forgotten some papers so she went to give him the papers.

Kabir gets Jigni’s call and comes to Kesar. He tells Kesar that Suraj had sent the message on the same number and the numbers ends with 39. Kesar says it is Hetal’s number, and tells that they will nab her just as they get the proofs, till then she shall not know.

Precap: Kesar asks Hetal, why did she take 10 lakhs Rs from company’s accounts. Hetal asks why shall I tell you. Babu ji questions Hetal. Kesar thinks Hetal Kaki is with Suraj, everyone will know.

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