Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 31st March 2024 Written Update

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 31st March 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 31st March 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kesar reaching the place. She sees Suraj turning and thins where is that round. Kabir comes there and takes Kesar to side. Kesar asks what you are doing here, who will do kanyadaan. He says you came here without informing me and asks didn’t you know how dangerous he is. She says she feels that Suraj was here. Kabir says he will call Machan. Kesar finds the note and shows to Kabir, in which Suraj has written that he is at the place where she shall be. Babu ji asks Janardhan to do the kanyadaan. Aarti says Bhaiyya didn’t come. Kabir comes there with Kesar and says he is always available. Pandit ji says if they don’t marry now, then marriage will not happen till 9 months. Kabir goes to do kanyadaan. Ambika asks Kesar about Suraj. Kesar says we were about to reach him, but he fled from there. Ambika says why? Kesar says he is coming here. Baa asks if we have danger to our lives. Kesar says I asked guards to be alert, and asks them to be together. She says she will bring kanha’s idol to gift to Ansh and Aarti. Pandit ji asks Kabir’s name. Kabir tells his name. Kesar goes to the room and sees the light off. She gets kerosene oil smell and steps on it and falls. Suraj holds her. Kesar sees his face. He makes her smell chloroform and she faints. Suraj says just as your lover comes here, I will kill you both, so that you both meet after death. Kabir gives Aarti’s hand in Ansh’s hands, and the kanyadaan is completed.

Kabir looks for Kesar and asks Ambika. Ambika says she went to her room long back when kanyadaan started. Suraj says even you are welcome, and says I will kill you both. He says you shall be happy that I am giving my wife to you. Kabir asks how dare you to talk bad about Kesar and kicks on his leg. Suraj falls down. Kabir beats him and says you are a disgusted person and made Kaki believed that you are alive. Suraj says nobody loved me and had loved only Kesar and you. He says you are a begger, but don’t know Kesar is whose dirty blood. Kabir says you again talked nonsense about Kesar and hits him repeatedly. Suraj faints. Kabir takes the bedsheet and put it on the floor. He goes to Kesar and makes her come in her senses. Kesar says Suraj was here. Suraj gains consciousness and gets up. He takes the lighter and says I will burn you all. Everyone hears his voice and goes there. Ambika says Suraj….Suraj says hello family. Ambika faints. Jinal and others take her from there. Kesar asks everyone to go and call Police. Suraj says call Police, but I will finish my work. He throws the lighter on the kerosene oil and it start burning. Kabir covers Kesar and hugs her. Dhruvi goes to bring fire extinguisher. Suraj goes downstairs, remove his fake beard and says good bye, I will never see you again Raj Gaur Nivas. Dhruvi sets off the fire using fire extinguisher.

Ambika comes infront of Suraj and slaps him. She says I hugged someone’s ashes and was mourning for my son’s death. She says she said so much to Kesar and had sent her to jail. She asks why did you do this? Suraj says you are asking me and says first you brought Kesar and then Kabir. He says they are important thank me. Ambika says he is my son. She says she has fulfilled her swear, but couldn’t make him as a good son and person. Suraj says you people don’t deserve. Ambika says you don’t to have any relation. Police comes there and arrests Suraj. He appreciates Kesar for gathering the proofs. Ambika brings the divorce papers and asks him to sign. Babu ji asks when did you get the papers ready. Ambika says when she has taken 21 days swear. Suraj signs and goes with the Police.

Ambika tells Baa that she has lost her son long back. Hetal apologizes to Ambika and says she has called NGO woman, and was with Suraj in his plan. She says Kesar and Kabir have taught her that relations are what that matters. She says you loves Dhruvi and was worried for her, and that’s why stayed silent. Kesar tells Hetal that this time Maasu will take a decision. Ambika forgives Hetal and says we shall make a new start. She says the person who does conspiracy always, faces difficulty to reform. Everyone smiles. Ambika asks Kesar, if she is ready to marry Kabir. Kesar asks her to ask Kabir. Kabir says I am ready since childhood. Ambika gives Kesar’s hand in Kabir’s hand. All of them pose for the happy family picture.

The show seems to have an abrupt ending.

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