Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 4th February 2024 Written Update

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 4th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 4th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jinal coming to the kitchen and asking Kesar what she is making? Kesar says Babu ji got consciousness after so many years so she thought to make sweets. She says after seeing you all, I can see how is father’s love. Jinal tells that Babu ji had chosen her for Pareen and tells that when she got married, she got love of 100’s of fathers in babu ji, and tells that when he got unwell, I felt like losing my father, and says I am eagerly waiting to talk to him. He says don’t know what they are talking to babu ji. Kesar says sweets are made, lets go. Babu ji asks Ambika to accept kabir as her son. Ambika refuses to accept his wish, and refuses to accept Kabir as her son. She comes out of the room and goes, while everyone tries to ask her what happened. Hetal thinks if Babu ji ousted Ambika from the family wealth and smiles. Babu ji asks Baa to support him and call Kabir here.

Baa says I will talk to Ambika and convince her. Kesar goes behind Ambika, but stops. Baa is tensed. Everyone meets Babu ji and takes his blessings. Ambika cries sitting in the temple. Baa comes to Kesar. Kesar asks why Maasu is crying? Baa tells her that she has come to request her, and says Babu ji has unveiled a big secret which Ambika couldn’t bear. She says I will not blame Ambika, as no woman can bear this. Kesar asks what? Baa tells that Kabir is Dheeran’s son, his illegitimate son. Kesar is shocked. Baa says Kabir has Raj Gaur family’s blood. Hetal tries to hear them and thinks what they are talking? She goes. Baa tells everything to Kesar and says now he wants Kabir to be part of this family. She says Naren got consciousness after many years and he was in the trauma and guilt since all these years, and asks if you will help me to convince Ambika.

Ambika asks God if she is getting this as the gift, in exchange of her sacrifices. Baa comes to her and says babu ji is unwell, and he has only one wish that Dheeran’s last safe keeping shall be brought here. Ambika says I thought you understand me being a woman. Baa says I came here as a wife now, I understand as a woman. Ambika asks her to think using her mind. Baa cries. Kesar asks her to handle herself. Baa says whom to support, Ambika got betrayed by her husband and my husband’s last wish is that Kabir shall be here. She says what is Kabir’s mistake, he doesn’t know his truth. She asks her to convince Ambika. Kesar tells Baa that she will convince Maasu.

Hetal calls Suraj. Suraj asks if she will drain her battery. Hetal asks him to just party when big thing is happening at home. She tells him everything that Babu ji came in his senses and told something to Ambika and Baa, and after which Ambika left from home in anger. Suraj asks where did she go? Hetal says Ambika goes to one place just. Kesar comes to the temple. Ambika keeps her head on her shoulder and says how the men get the right to do injustice and then ask for forgiveness. She asks what to do with this truth, the guy who had done injustice with me, is not alive. She says Dheeran has cheated on me and the proof is Kabir, Dheeran Raj Gaur’s illegitimate child. Kesar says you are elder than me and has more experience than me. Suraj hears and gets shocked and teary eyes. Kesar says injustice has happened with you and Kabir. She says truth might be better, but we have to accept it. She asks her to accept Kabir for Babu ji. Suraj hears and shouts no. Ambika and Kesar see him. Ambika asks him to listen. Suraj asks Kesar to go away. Ambika says how Suraj will bear this, that he has an illegitimate brother Kabir, and says he couldn’t bear to share his mother with you. Kesar says we will go home and talk to Suraj. Babu ji asks Baa if Kabir will come here. Baa says Kesar went to convince Ambika and will convince her.

Jigni and Machan come to Kabir and tell him that watchman told that Babu ji came in his senses. Kabir gets happy and hugs them. Suraj comes home and throws the things on the floor breaking it. Everyone tries to stop him. Suraj asks everyone not to dare stop him. He takes off Dheeran’s photo frame and shouts saying I hate you. Hetal tells Jinal that what had happened that Suraj is saying this. Kesar picks Dheeran’s photo. Suraj asks her to go away from him.

Precap: Suraj informs everyone that Dheeran Raj Gaur had an extra marital affair and had a son with that woman. He says do you know who is that illegitimate son of Dheeran Raj Gaur? He says he is Kabir. Kabir comes there playing dhol for Babu ji’s recovery.

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