Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 8th February 2024 Written Update

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 8th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 8th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Baa pleading infront of Ambika for bring Kabir back, to save her husband. Kesar asks Baa not to do this. Babu ji says bring Kabir, my grand son. Ambika recalls Doctor’s words that if his heart doesn’t calm down then anything can happen. Ambika is about to go from there, when Kesar holds her hand and says Maasu, I can’t feel what you are going through now, but I know that you have a big heart as you have brought an orphan girl on the road and raised as your own daughter. She says Kabir has the Raj Gaur blood and he might be feeling betrayed like you. Suraj asks her to stop her lecture and stop emotionally blackmailing his mother. He asks Ambika to come. Ambika asks Kesar to bring Kabir. Suraj asks her to stop sacrificing and says you can’t see him. Ambika says I know that I will feel utmost pain, but my pain is not important than Babu ji’s life. Kesar goes to bring Kabir.

Kabir is lost in thoughts and recalls Kesar and Janardhan’s words. He stands in the middle of the road. People asks him to go as he is blocking the road. Kesar comes to Shakuntala’s house and asks her about Kabir. Shakuntala says Kabir will not come with you and asks her to go. Kesar says you can’t stop Kabir as he is Raj Gaur family’s blood. Shakuntala says he is not her son, but she fed him her milk, raised him up and when he is earning, if she shall give her Kabir. Kesar goes out and brings money bag. She tells her that she can’t compensate anything with her pain, but she can give this for some relief. Shakuntala tells that her husband betrayed her big. She asks her to take Kabir if she can and says since he learnt the shocked, he is in shock and wandering on the road. Shakuntala gets happy being greedy of money.

Aarti cries and tells that she can’t lose Kabir bhaiyya. Ansh says nobody will snatch your brother from you. Aarti says my family is small and asks him to ask his family not to break her family. He promises her. Ansh asks her to have something and calls waiter.

Kabir comes to the temple and asks Ambe Maa if his time has changed this way. Kesar comes there. Kabir tells her that he don’t want to hear such a truth and don’t want to know his birth truth. Kesar says you are very lucky to know the truth and tells that she didn’t know the truth about herself, and tells that she didn’t know that who left her outside the PS.

She tells that Babu ji is unwell and has realized that he had taken the wrong decision then, which he wants to rectify now and asks him to give a chance to Babu ji to do penance. Kabir asks how can I change my identity in a day. Kesar says you don’t need to change anything and tells that Doctor said that he is losing hope to live. She says since Babu ji came in his senses, he is saying bring Kabir home, and asks him to come to Raj gaur house. She says you can complain to him, but first make him win the fight from death. Kabir asks why life tests me? Kesar says right now Babu ji needs you. She is about to go. Kabir tells her that he will come with her. Kesar thanks him. Kabir says Babu ji’s health is more important than my pain and sorrows. Kesar brings Kabir home. Baa does his aarti. Darshan says you will stay with us. Baa says I can’t believe that you have come and asks him to come inside. Shakuntala, Janardhan and Aarti come there, fighting for him. He recalls Pandit ji’s words. It turns out to be his imagination.

Kabir tells Kesar that he has to take his family and Amma’s permission before leaving. He comes home. Janardhan tells him that he didn’t tell him truth so that he don’t feel bad. Aarti asks him not to go. Shakuntala acts and tells Kabir that she wants to hide him in her pallu, but she can’t separate him from his real family, and says your Dada’s life is stuck in you, and asks him to go. Kesar promises them that Kabir will never leave them, and says he has two families and two homes now. She says you all will have same right on Kabir, like it was till today. Kabir touches their feet and hugs Aarti. He comes out and turns back.

Episode ends.

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