Lakshmi Narayan 3rd May 2024 Written Update

Lakshmi Narayan 3rd May 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Lakshmi Narayan 3rd May 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Narayan tells Hayagriv that Lakshmi is won by good deeds but its about her blessings only, you can’t become Narayan by your deeds and no one can separate Lakshmi and Narayan. All chant for him. Mahadev says its a sin to eye someone who belongs to someone already. Hayagriva says I want justice, everyone should have a right to win Lakshmi, if he really deserves it then he should compete with me. Lakshmi says you want a competition to see if he really deserves me? fine, there will be a competition and I will decide the details of it. Narayan nods at her. Lakshmi says I should be protected and Narayan did that, he saved me from Anasur, he saved my Earth. He has made me complete. I will give a chance to Hayagriva. She asks Narayan to give up his Sudharshan chakra, he brings it there. Lakshmi says my condition is for Hayagriva to get this, and prove your potential and strength by getting it. Hayagriva says I wanted this only. Lakshmi starts chanting for Narayan and Mahadev tells Hayagriva if he wins then he will make him wear a garland to Lakshmi. Rishi tries to stop him but Hayagriva says if you can’t root for me then just be silent. He `brings his weapon to get chakra, he says my weapon will destroy it. He attacks chakra but nothing happens to it. He keeps trying but his weapon breaks. Hayagriva says my powers aren’t limited to this only, he brings another weapon and says Lakshmi will be mine. He attacks chakra again but nothing happens. Lakshmi keeps chanting for Narayan and Hayagriva falls away. He screams in anger. Narayan says if anyone wants to challenge Lakshmi’s choice then come forward. Rishi tells Hayagriva to apologize to Narayan. Mahadev says Hayagriva lost his chance and it proves that only Narayan deserves Lakshmi and she will be his only. Narayan takes his chakra back. Lakshmi says the whole universe should know that Lakshmi and Narayan are made for each other. Hayagriva says I don’t agree with this, I will show something which this universe has never seen, I will show that Lakshmi can be won by cheating too, I will snatch Lakshmi from Narayan. Narayan gets angry and says enough.. you should be punished for this. Rishi apologizes on his behalf. Lakshmi says he shouldn’t insult females then, he will lose everything like this. Hayagriva smirks and says I am leaving for now but I will prove that Lakshmi can be won by plotting evil plans, she will be mine, Rishi drags him away.

The episode ends.

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  1. Lavs
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    These shows are awesome only problem is the subtitles are very light that you not able to read them, maybe it could be in bigger font with a darker shadow or background. Thanks.

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