Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage 1st January 2013 Written Update

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Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage 1st January 2013 Written Update by tehreem

Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage 1st January 2013 Written Episode

Anoop tells them why Mansi and him are not going. He says sorry to Mansi. Mansi is dishearted.
Sandhya comes and as usual gives her bhashan. She tries to instigate Mansi against Anoop by telling her how Anoop used to do alot for Pooja.
Sahil is checking that file again, he finds some clause and calls up Karan to tell him about it. He asks Sahil why he wants to help them. Sahil tells him they are Shivani’s parents. Shivani asks him what he’s talking about.
Shivani tells Sahil not to hide anything from her. He makes up an excuse.
RL tells Mansi don’t be sad. She reassures her that everything will be fine. Mansi answers her that it’s okay, if this wasn’t important than he wouldn’t have cancelled it.
Sandhya tries her best to instigate Mansi.
Shivani’s sister calls Sahil, Shivani picks up the call. Her sister starts talking that Karan came and he offered them money. Shivani asks her what money. Her sister makes an excuse and cuts the call.
Shivani asks Sahil what her sister was talking about. She asks him tell me the truth or else I’ll ask my parents. He tells her don’t leave, I’ll tell you everything.
Sandhya and Mansi both are in the kitchen, Sandhya starts talking about Pooja again Sleepy but RL interrupts them and she tells Sandhya I know what you’re trying to do. She reassures Mansi that nothing like what that is happening between Anoop and Pooja and leaves. Sandhya still tries to turn Mansi against Anoop Stern Smile
Sahil tells Shivani everything, he shows her the file. Shivani is shocked, she tells Sahil she should be with her parents. Sahil tells her to calm down everything is sorted out already, I’ll take you there but not today.
Mansi is thinking about everything Anoop said about Pooja and what Sandhya told her.

Precap: Mansi comes looking for Anoop in his office and she finds Pooja and Anoop sleeping. Pooja’s head is on Anoop lap

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