Maharaja Ranjit Singh 12th July 2017 Written Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 12th July 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 12th July 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dal comes to Rnajit. Ranjit says zaman is here with full preps. And someone from inside is helping him. He has crossed the border. We have to unite. If we don’t entire Punjab will be taken over by Afghans. He sends letter to everyone.
Mehtab says because of you I lost my dad ranjit. You didn’t fulfill your promise. I will never stop hating you. But dad I have your upbringing, I can’t wish for his death. I will pray for his long life but I can’t love him.

Sada wears armor. Mehtab says what is all this? sada says zaman wants to attack Punajb and Ranjit and I will go to stand by him. They have crossed Khyber.
All the Sardars come to palace. Ranjit says any new news? nidhan says I don’t think he will come forward. He will return from
there. It is their history. Ranjit says don’t trust in past. THe sardars suggest we should wait for them to return. Ranjit says its a new day new enemy. Don’t judge him from past. We can’t sit and let our Punjab ruin. They crossed our border and hence will will attack them.

Mehtab picks her sword. Sada says this sword is your dad’s. She says yes we will use it to attack the enemies. Sada and Mehtab come to Ranjit’s house.
Ranjit picks Mahan’s sword. He says I will never let you down. Raj says to Ranjit I am proud of you. Best of luck.
Dal says not one state doesn’t want to be with you. Their sardars are running towards mountains. We are alone. Mehtab and sada come in. They say Ranjit is not alone. My mom thinks Afghan didn’t come here because they were scared of uncle and my dad. He has sword of his dad, and here is my dad’s. She gives Gurwaksh’s sword to ranjit. She says go and tell Afghan that even if Gurwaksh and mahan are not here, we are still blessed. Sada says we are here with you.

Zaman is on his horse. His men tell him that all the sardars have ran. They keep conquering one after another.
Ranjit’s man tells him about it. He says I think we should do what other sardarss are doing. We should go to Gujrawala. We have to pack up from here. Get ready. Everyone is dazed what he is saying.
Mehtab says this is your courage? is this your bravery? running from the ground? SHe takes the swords and says you don’t deserve these swords. You don’t deserve to be called Mahan’s son.

Precap-Everyone leaves the palace. Ranjit looks back at it. Zaman says what lion runs from the his house.

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