Main Hoon Aparajita 18th May 2023 Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 18th May 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Main Hoon Aparajita 18th May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Disha’s hand starts burning and faints suddenly, all rush to her so Akshay asks to call a doctor. A guest says this marriage might not be good. Aparajita looks at the mehndi but its okay. Kalpana cries seeing her. A doctor is there and checks her, he asks them to take her to the room. Kalpana calls Mohini and asks what was in the thread? Mohini says just worry about your son, don’t speak up. Disha has to pay for destroying my daughter’s wedding.

The doctor checks on Disha and treats her. Arjun brings his kit and he treats her. Disha is conscious but can’t see anything. The doctor talks with Akshay and Aparajita. He calls the hospital and asks them to bring anti-venom injection but they are out of it. The doctor tells Aparajita that she was poisoned but we can’t find the injection as there is shortage of it. Akshay says we have to do something. The doctor says I will talk to someone in the hospital if they can arrange it, he asks Aparajita to take off her jewelry. Akshay says I will go to the hospital. Chhavi goes with him.

Aparajita is taking off Disha’s jewelry. Disha says the aunty was right that I am a bad omen, I can’t find happiness. Aparajita says don’t worry, everything will be okay and we will do the ceremony then, She asks her to keep awake and says everyone is here to bless you. Disha is fainting but Aparajita keeps talking to her, she gives her water and says I will take off the thread. Kalpana says I will take it off. Aparajit sees some marks on her hand and thinks what has she applied on her hands? Kalpana has applied powder on her hands so she wouldn’t be affected by the venom, she takes off the thread.

The protesters are protesting outisde the hospital. Akshay and Chhavi come there and they can’t enter. The protesters are not leting them in. Akshay pleads with them to let them enter the hospital. He says my daughter is critical so I have to get injection. Chhavi shouts at them to let them go inside. The protesters says we want our salaries and we won’t let this hospital operate at all. A man goes to them and asks them to go back, they won’t let them enter. Chhavi says my sister is in trouble so we will keep trying. The man tells something to Akshay and he goes to the protesters. He says I will go inside and check what’s happening, he nods at Akshay and goes in.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Disha and says the poison is spreading in her body through her arm. Aparajita thinks Kalpana made her wear a thread on that arm but why would she do something? she goes to her.

The man goes in the hospital and then comes back out. Akshay tells Chhavi that this man is ACP Kabir, he is helping us to get the injection. The protesters recognize him and try to attack Kabir but Chhavi stops them and says you want to attack an innocent man? then attack me too. Akshay fights with the protesters. Kabir resquests with the protesters to let them go in, he says I just want to give them an injection that can save a life. This girl wants to save her sister’s life so don’t be stubborn and see that they are in trouble. The protesters try to attack him but other police officers arrive there. Kabir says I know they are angry but I want to request to let Akshay and Chhavi go. He gives the injection to him and Akshay leaves with Chhavi.

Aparajita brings some herbs and says this might help Disha. She applies the herbs on Disha’s arm while Asha keeps her awake. Akshay brings the injection with Chhavi and Kabir. The doctor gives her injection and says she will be fine now. The planner tried to kill her but she will be okay now. Arjun is thankful. Asha says I will tell the guests that she is okay now. Chhavi thanks Kabir. Aparajita asks who is he? Akshay says he helped us get the injection. Aparajita thanks him for saving her daughter’s life. Kalpana comes there and is stressed.

Precap: Aprajita says to Jiji Mohini kidnapped your Shib, I don’t understand why she is trying to take him out of country, no one can do it to some other kid. Jiji says she can because Shib is Shubham, Mohini’s son.

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