Main Hoon Aparajita 8th May 2023 Written Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 8th May 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Main Hoon Aparajita 8th May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Aparajita tells Arjun that he has broken trust of everyone and she can’t forgive him. Akshay tells him that he is going to distribute the wedding cards and his family is tied to his decisions now so he can’t do any mistake now. He gives Arjun and Niya’s card to Aparajita and asks her to take it. Kalpana says Niya is your daughter too right? Aparajita says I don’t know why Arjun is doing this but I know he loves Disha. Akshay says you are mistaken but I will clarify it. He get a diya from the mandir and asks Arjun to promise on it that its his final decision to marry Niya and he won’t change it anymore. Disha cries seeing all that. Arjun puts hand on the diya but sadly looks at Disha. Niya asks him to just promise it, he is going to burn his hand. Disha runs from there but Mohini comes there and shouts that I won’t spare you. Akshay asks what’s this drama? Mohini slaps Arjun and says he played with my daughter’s honor. She shows the picture of Arjun and Niya in bed and naked. All are shocked. Aparajita slaps Arjun and says I am ashamed to see this, you have betrayed my trust completely. Disha starts beating Arjun and shouts that I loved you trully and you did this? Mohini asks what did he do? Niya cries and says he was drunk last night and then he.. Mohini consoles her and tells Akshay that this happened because of Aparajita and Disha, they sent Niya to him. I won’t spare them now. She takes out her gun and points at them. All are shocked. Mohini shoots Disha and Aparajita.. it all turns out to be Arjun’s dream. He thinks I have to marry Niya for Aparajita. He promises on Diya that he will marry Niya only and always be with her. Aparajita thinks I have to find out why he is doing this. Disha angrily leaves.

Scene 2
Disha comes to her room and cries recalling her moments with Arjun. Chhavi comes there and consoles her. Asha gives her water but she pushes it away. Aparajita comes there so Disha hugs her and cries. She says this is all done by Niya, she must have trapped Arjun, he is very innocent and didn’t even talk to me, he even promised to her marry her, everything is finished now. Aparajita asks her to cry and says I know how it feels to get your heart broken but we don’t need to lose hope, we have to get up like other women who fight for themselves right? Chhavi says Arjun has already promised to Akshay. Aparajita says Arjun promised but not Disha, I know he was forced to do all this, we have to find out what happened with him. Niya comes there and says you people didn’t even congratulate me, I am going for shopping so come with me. She asks Aparajita to send Chhavi and Asha with her, I need some help for my wedding dress. I have to look pretty at my wedding. Asha says I won’t go. Aparajita says she is your sister so go with her. Niya tells Disha that she will select the dress for her as her choice doesn’t matter. Aparajita asks Chhavi and Asha to go with her, Niya leaves. Aparajita says Niya didn’t even care that Arjun is hurt and burned his hand.. she doesn’t love him. She tells Disha to talk to Arjun.

Arjun comes to Aparajita’s house and shouts in anger. He puts his burned hand in chilies and cries in pain. He slaps himself and says why does this happen with me? He puts chili all over himself.

Disha tells Aparajita that she doesn’t want to talk to Arjun. Aparajita says I am sure he was forced to do all this, we have to find out what happened and he is hurt too, I will bring first aid. Disha nods and leaves.

Disha comes to her house and finds Arjun crying in pain and putting spices in his burned hand. He shouts that this should happen with me, I have broken Disha’s trust. I deserve this pain. Disha pours water over him and says why did you do it? I can’t see you in pain, why did you do it? She cleans him up and cries. She says we promised to be together then why did you do this? Aparajita comes there. Disha asks Arjun to tell her the truth. Why did you do it? Aparajita asks Arjun to sit down and does his first aid. Disha asks what happened that you have put our love on line? what happened that you made you agree to marry Niya? tell me what happened? Arjun shouts that he doesn’t deserve Disha, I have fallen in my eyes. Aparajita asks him to calm down and says if you think of me as your mother then tell me what happened? Disha asks him to speak up. Arjun cries and says I don’t know how this happened.. I got drunk and went to the room with Niya.. we both were together and it happened. Disha shouts at him and says you have broken me completely. Arjun says I am doing all this to protect Niya’s honor. I am sorry Disha, I don’t even remember what happened, I was not conscious and someone took our videos. I imagined you but it was Niya, she was wearing a saree. Aparajita thinks Mohini must be behind this plan. Disha tells Arjun that he has broken her trust, she leaves from there. Aparajita thinks why do I feel like Arjun was trapped in all this?

The episode ends.

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