Main Hoon Saath Tere 13th June 2024 Written Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere 13th June 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Main Hoon Saath Tere 13th June 2024 Written Episode

Aryaman thanks Janvi for her encouragement.

At night, it’s raining. Muralidhar comes to Aryaman and tells him that Brij Bhushan has asked for his passport. Aryaman realizes that Brij Bhushan plans to send him to Australia. Muralidhar suggests Aryaman should leave for Australia to avoid trouble from Raina. Muralidhar also mentions that he has opened an online account for Aryaman and shows him the friend requests from many girls. Aryaman asks Muralidhar to stop thinking about girls all the time. Muralidhar tells Aryaman to place his hand on his heart and close his eyes, asking him who he sees. Aryaman sees Janvi but stays silent. Muralidhar notes that Aryaman is troubled by Janvi’s problems and comments on her. Aryaman refuses to hear any bad words against Janvi. Muralidhar admits he wanted to confirm Aryaman’s feelings for Janvi, which is why he did all this. Aryaman confesses that he started having feelings for Janvi when she stood up for him in front of his father. Muralidhar comments on this revelation.

The next day, Kian gets ready to go to school, unaware that he has been expelled. Pushkar sees an opportunity and convinces Kian that he will take him to school. Kian agrees.

Aryaman decides he cannot continue lying to Janvi about his identity, so he plans to tell her that he is not Murali but Aryaman Bundela.

Aryaman goes to Janvi’s house and finds it locked. He learns from Dadi that Janvi has gone to withdraw her provident fund and that Pushkar has taken Kian to school.

Suyesh tells Brij Bhushan that the hotel staff is scared by recent events. He mentions that the staff disapproves of how Raina treated Janvi and suggests they need to deliver justice to Janvi. Brij Bhushan agrees.

Raina sees Janvi at the hotel and learns that she is there to withdraw her provident fund. Raina gathers everyone’s attention and mocks Janvi, saying she was foolish enough to almost marry Sadhu. Janvi is hurt by Raina’s comments. She then receives a call from Aryaman, urging her to come to the school immediately because Pushkar has taken Kian there, and once Kian finds out he has been expelled, he will be heartbroken.

Pushkar drops Kian at school, thinking that Kian will be devastated when he learns about his expulsion, thus completing his revenge.

Kian tries to enter the school, but the security guard stops him, saying he has been expelled. Kian is shocked.

Aryaman and Janvi arrive at the school. Janvi sees Kian questioning the principal about his expulsion. Kian sees Janvi and asks her the same question. Raina then comes and reveals to Kian that he has been expelled because his birth certificate does not have a father’s name.

Precap: Kian wins the competition and everyone applauds. Arayaman wishes his father “Happy Father’s Day”. Brij Bhushan says you have to return to Australia. He says I’ll return but on one condition, you have to give Kian his admission back and Janvi should return to her job.

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