Main Hoon Saath Tere 4th June 2024 Written Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere 4th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Main Hoon Saath Tere 4th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Keertan tells Padma to check the maid’s face, he leaves from there. Padma takes off her veil and is shocked to see its a girl with big teeth and glasses. She says what are you?

Manorama comes to Dharam’s room and finds many monitors there, he tells her that they are going to spy on Mandira. Shiv enters their house as a priest. Chacha asks who is he? Shiv acts like a priest and says I was given directions to come here and pray for you all. Manorama says we don’t know you. Shiv says how dare you disrespect me? Chacha apologizes to him. Manorama does his aarti, Shiv’s fake beard suddenly falls down. She says stop this drama, he asks how was my acting? Manorama says if I couldn’t recognize you so no one can. Shiv says only Shakti can because she sees my heart.

Shakti tells Padma that her face is a little unique. Padma tells her to not take off her veil again, they can’t see her face for long. Shakti nods and leaves.

Scene 2

Kartik tells Manorama that he doesn’t want to eat more. Shiv says you shouldn’t feed him this much. Kartika runs away. Shiv eats her food and says I can’t even remember when I ate mother’s food last. Shakti calls him and says the mission was successful. Shiv asks if she ate something? She says how can I when everyone is hungry here? I am going to take care of them. Keertan comes there so she wears her veil back. He asks who was she talking to? He tries to touch her but Shakti kicks him and he screams. All come there. Shakti tells him to not touch her ever again as she knows self-defence. She says I am not going to work here and you won’t find anyone else on such a short notice. Padma stops her and tells Keertan to behave himself. Keertan says she was talking to someone. Shakti says it was my husband, can’t I do that? Padma says I saw her face already so stop doubting her? Shakti says I will stay only if he apologizes to me. Keertan tells her to just do her work. He leaves from there. Shiv is on the call and hears all that.

Some people come to Manorama’s house and ask for Chacha to come and do pooja at their house. Manorama calls him but he isn’t picking up. The man says he took advance from us and its my mother’s last rituals so he has to come with us.

Shakti starts planting cameras all around the house and Shiv set up a monitoring system. Keertan comes there and mistakenly drops a vase, he is about to pick it up but there is a camera inside so Shakti stops him and says she will clean it up. He says fine and leaves. Shiv tells Shakti that today is the right time for everything. Manorama finds him the priest get up and the men think he is a real priest, they beg him to their mother’s last ritual. Shiv says the Lord is telling me that the right time for the pooja is tomorrow. The man asks him to do the pooja himself tomorrow, they all leave.

Precap: Shakti says Dadi please have dinner atleast for your loved ones. Dadi says I’ll not eat anything until I know my kids are safe. She removes the veil and her fake teeths to reveal her identity. Same time Keertan and Mandira enter the room.

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