Main Hoon Saath Tere 8th July 2024 Written Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere 8th July 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Main Hoon Saath Tere 8th July 2024 Written Episode

Aryaman and Janvi arrive at the garage to look for Kian, who is shown to have fallen inside the bus.

Ujwala tells Raina that Aryaman is not to blame for the situation. Suyesh argues that Aryaman is at fault for supporting Janvi, saying he is siding with the wrong person. Brij Bhushan comments negatively about Aryaman, questioning what else they could expect from him. Prince worries that if the family discovers Kian’s absence is his fault, he will be in serious trouble.

Kian realizes he is in AG Swastik Garage, while Aryaman and Janvi search for him at Vinayak Garage. Janvi, unable to find Kian in any of the buses, collapses in despair, thinking she has lost him. Aryaman encourages her to stay strong, reassuring her that nothing will happen to Kian. He talks about their future with Kian and how they will help him achieve great things, like winning the cricket World Cup. Janvi, encouraged, agrees to keep looking.

Shobha and Reva worry about Janvi not finding Kian. Reporters approach Shobha, asking if they have found Kian. Shobha, not realizing they are reporters, admits they haven’t found him. The reporters then broadcast that Kian is still missing and blame the Bundela family. Reva sends the reporters away, saying they don’t want to talk.

The reporters create a hashtag shaming the Bundela family, which angers Brij Bhushan, causing him to break his phone. Suhasini accuses Janvi’s family of hiding Kian to disgrace them, but Ujwala defends them, pointing out that Janvi’s family has not spoken ill of them. Brij Bhushan asks Ujwala to rest and assures Suyesh that he will protect him, calling the cops to search for Kian. This scares Prince.

Aryaman encourages Janvi to stay strong, giving her his Hanuman gold chain for courage. Janvi prays for guidance and notices her pallu getting stuck to the number 9 on a bus. Realizing that the bus number is 8598, not 8568, she recalls that 8568 is Kian’s bus. She explains the mistake to Aryaman, and they search the garage again.

Ujwala finds an adult cough syrup bottle falling out of Prince’s bag and suspects he drank it all. When confronted, Prince begs Ujwala to save him, revealing the whole truth. Ujwala then calls Janvi, informing her that Kian is in his bus and in bad condition because Prince made him drink the entire bottle of cough syrup. Janvi, now extremely worried, rushes to find Kian, who is still struggling to get up inside the bus.

Precap: Janvi tells the owner on the call that we are in Vinayak Garage and we did not find the bus. He says I parked the bus in Swastik garage parking. Kian gets out of the bus and figures the way out of the garage. He gets scared because of a short circuit and falls to the ground. He mistakenly pushed the container filled with fuel. Aryaman and Janvi see the smoke coming out of the garage. They rush inside and find Kian lying unconscious on the ground.

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