Main Hoon Saath Tere 9th June 2024 Written Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere 9th June 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Main Hoon Saath Tere 9th June 2024 Written Episode

Aryaman visits Janvi’s house to check on Kian. Janvi lets him in and mentions that this is the first time Kian has wet the bed. She says she’ll change Kian’s blanket and shorts without waking him up. Aryaman offers to help, and together they change Kian’s clothes and blanket. Afterward, Janvi praises Aryaman for how well he handled everything. Aryaman says he learned it all from her.

Janvi asks Aryaman not to tell anyone that Kian wet the bed, as it would embarrass him. Aryaman suggests figuring out why Kian wet the bed, and Janvi thinks she knows the reason.

Meanwhile, Premchand and Muralidhar try to find Anya’s location so Aryaman can apologize to him. Premchand discovers through social media that Anya is at an Ashram.

Kian eats with Janvi and Aryaman. Janvi plays a game with Kian to find out why he is scared, and she realizes that Pushkar is the one who frightened him. Janvi decides to teach Pushkar a lesson.

Premchand calls Aryaman and informs him that Anya is at an Ashram, asking Aryaman to go and apologize. Aryaman agrees and gets ready to leave.

Sadhu arrives at Janvi’s house with his son Sumit. Sadhu introduces Sumit to Janvi and asks him to play with Kian. Janvi goes to the kitchen to make something for the kids. Sadhu tells Janvi that the lawyer will arrive soon to finalize the adoption, and Janvi agrees.

Kian asks Aryaman where he is going, and Aryaman replies that he has important work. Kian asks Aryaman to stop the adoption. When lawyer Dubey arrives, Aryaman asks him to come back in three hours as Janvi and Sadhu have gone out for some work. Lawyer Dubey agrees and leaves.

Aryaman assures Kian that he will not let the adoption happen and tells him not to worry before leaving.

Sadhu notices that Janvi hasn’t signed the adoption papers yet. He urges her to sign them, thinking that once she does, he can frame her for the escort racket at the hotel and force Kian to beg on the streets. Just then, Reva arrives with mango shakes for everyone. Janvi doesn’t sign the papers and goes to the kitchen to help Reva.

In the kitchen, Janvi vents to Reva about everything happening so quickly. Pushkar, in a drunken state, comes to Janvi’s house and asks Reva if the adoption is finalized. Reva says it will be completed once the lawyer arrives. Pushkar says there’s no need for all this and suggests throwing Kian in an orphanage. Janvi throws water at Pushkar and confronts him, asking how he could speak like that. She asks why Kian is scared of him. Pushkar admits he told Kian he would slap him and Janvi if the adoption failed for any reason. Janvi criticizes Pushkar and breaks ties with him for his behavior.

Suhasini tells Vish to meet Anya before Aryaman impresses her. Vish agrees. Raina thinks that Aryaman’s and Janvi’s games are both about to end.

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