Mangal Lakshmi 6th June 2024 Written Update

Mangal Lakshmi 6th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Mangal Lakshmi 6th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Lakshmi says to Karthik I was saying. Karthik says kids let’s play a game. They get excited. He says we all have to sit silent. Whoever speaks will lose. The driver plays songs. They both recall the wedding. Karthik falls asleep.

Mangal prepares the house. Gayatri says Mangal is preparing to welcome her sister-in-law now. I always thought you were so lucky to have a DIL like Mangal. But God gave her sister to me. You deserve all the credit. Kusum says I know. She says they might be reaching soon. Mangl says let me bring arti. Gayatri asks the staff to welcome them with music and flowers. A car stops. The staff sprinkles all the flowers on her.. t’s Jiya. Gayatri stops them. She comes in dancing. Gayatri is shocked. Mangal and Kusum are inside. Gayatri says stop it. She’s not the bride. She says Jiya what are you doing here? What will anyone think? Jiya says it’s time to celebrate. What we wanted happened. We waited for this moment. Karthik got married. I made my promise. It was so hard, not it’s your turn. Get them divorced today. I can’t stop myself anymore. Please. This was our deal. Mangal is coming there. Gayatri says I know but don’t be angry. I have to talk to Karthik. It’s a sensitive matter. He says Karthik doesn’t want this marriage either. He loves me only. Gayatri says please go from here. I have to do it slowly. Give me some time.

Mangal comes there. She asks whose car was it. Gayatri says it was our manager. Karthik and Lakshmi come. The staff plays music and welcomes them with flowers. Gayatri does their arti. Kusum asks Lakshmi to do her greh parve and welcomes her into the house. Adit laughs at Karthik’s condition. The Kalash breaks from Lakshmi. Everyone gets shocked. Kusum says Mangal you kept a glass Kalash? Mangal picks up the glass. Lakshmi says I will come it’s okay. She steps on the glass. Mangal holds her food with Karthik. Lakshmi recalls his promise at the wedding. Kusum says this is how he’s protecting her. Karthik says I will do it. Lakshmi says I will come, it will hurt. He says I got hurt as much I could, do you care? Everyoen is shocked. Lakshmi says I will go. She walks on the glass. Her feet hurt. Lakshmi’s feet bleed. Karthik holds her. He says your feet are bleeding. Mangal says what did you do? Karthik says give me first aid Nidhi. He cleans her wounds. Karthik dresses her wounds. Kusum says he cares so much about his wife. He can’t see her in pain. Mangal says Lakshmi is lucky to have a husband like him. Karthik goes to his room. Kusum says to take Lakshmi as well, she will also rest. She says in her heart I will talk to him easily now. Karthik says I can’t tolerate her lies anymore.

Ishana says don’t we have to play games and do custom? mangal says they are tired. Karthik says no we should do the rituals. Gayatri asks Lakshmi you comfortable? She says yes. Mangal says let’s play the first game. We have to give a rice grain to Karthik. If rice falls that would mean Karthik and Lakshmi would have trouble. If it doesn’t fall we will know they will always love. Karthik sits there as well. Mangal says Adit come. He said you start I am busy. Lakshmi gives the rice to Mangal. Mangal gives it ahead. Kusum says there will only be love in their marriage. Akshad gives it to Ishana. She gives it to Omesh. Lakshmi writes sorry with flowers. Karthik says sorry can’t end the problem. What is this childish behavior? He removes it. Adit says in their heart that Somiya is upset. Omesh gives the rice to Adit. He drops them while giving them to Karthik. Everyone is shocked. Sanjana says Adit created problems in their lives.

Episode ends

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