Mangal Lakshmi 7th July 2024 Written Update

Mangal Lakshmi 7th July 2024 Written Update by

Mangal Lakshmi 7th July 2024 Written Episode

Sowmya offers a choice to Adit that either he has to choose either her or Mangal. Sowmya says to Adit that she will make this easy for him and says he only has to stay for tonight with her and not go to Mangal. Adit says to Sowmya that a lot of things happened in the house today and says if he doesn’t go home then Mangal will make him look like a villain. Sowmya says to Adit that she will make him look like a villain even if he doesn’t stay here. Sowmya says to Adit that he can leave from here and go to Mangal.

Mangal comes home. Mangal calls Adit to know where are the insurance papers.

Adit takes his phone and he is about to leave but he later takes back his decision and says to Sowmya that she will always be his first priority. Adit says he will stay here for tonight. Sowmya feels excited hearing it. Adit sees Mangal calling him. Sowmya comments on Mangal. Adit messages Mangal that he is stuck in a village due to the rain and he switches off the phone. Adit says to Sowmya that now no one will trouble them.

Lakshmi asks Mangal how is Sudesh. Mangal asks Lakshmi to help her in looking for the insurance papers. Lakshmi agrees. Lakshmi asks Mangal where is Adit. Mangal says to Lakshmi that Adit is stuck in a village and he is not able to come here due to the rain and now his phone has also been switched off. Kusum calls Mangal and asks Mangal if she reached Adit. Mangal says no.

Mangal looks the insurance papers but she doesn’t find them. Mangal calls Sowmya thinking she might be with Adit. Sowmya cuts the call. Mangal finds some money in a purse and she takes it to the hospital.

Gayatri, Karthik and Umesh return home and they learn from Sanjana that Lakshmi has left home. Karthik calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi goes to Akshat to put him to sleep and leaves the phone aside.

Mangal comes to the hospital and she pays the money for the surgery. Mangal asks Kusum to drink some juice. Kusum praises Mangal as she is handling everything greatly and Adit is not even here when they needed him the most. Mangal comments on it.

The lights suddenly go off in the hospital. Mangal and Kusum worry about the surgery. The hospital staff asks all the patients families to be calm and says the lights will get turned on pretty soon.

Lakshmi attends Karthik’s call. Karthik asks Lakshmi where is she. Lakshmi says she is in Adit’s house and reveals to Karthik about Sudesh getting heart attack. Lakshmi asks Karthik to go to the hospital to help Mangal as Adit isn’t here.

Sowmya comes and sees Adit planned a candle light dinner for her and feels excited.

Mangal worries about Sudesh as the lights haven’t been turned on. The doctor asks everyone to calm down and says they sent men to get diesel for the generator. Mangal hearing this gets an idea.

Mangal takes out diesel from the cars in the parking lot with the help of others.

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