Manmarziyan 30th April 2015 Written Update

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Manmarziyan 30th April 2015 Written Update by Amena

Manmarziyan 30th April 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Samaira asking Arjun why is he following her. He says I have to end a game and asks will she join him. She goes to him. She says you will lose. He says I won, but I will need time to understand you, its your turn now, I played my move. He says job offer was good. She says its not good habit to hear other’s conversation. He says you said I have good habits and says its good offer for you. He says value is of person, not work, they want you to get all business to them, your company will know your importance.

Mrs. Chadda comes and Piyali says they came for job, not donation. Mrs. Chadda says I thought this seeing them. Dilip says do we look to ask for charity. Radhika says we came for job. Dilip says we are respectable people. Piyali says sorry, but talk to HR for job.Mrs. Chadda takes them. Dilip asks Radhika to come and Radhika talks to Mrs. Chadda. She says she gave the ad line that day, Samaira called me for job and told me to make things final with HR, where is Sam.

Bonnie says you trusted Sam and came here, silly girl, Sam is gone, she will not come back here, she left the job. She says stop dreaming to get the job. Radhika says but Samaira called me here. Bonnie says how sweet, when did Sam started giving job. Radhika says ask Dada ji. He asks Radhika to come with him.

Dada ji tells her that Sam …. Mrs. Chadda says if Sam made the call, you will get the job, come tomorrow. Arjun says life is a game, you should know playing. Sam says every game has a rule, mind your own business. He says exactly, you will succeed when you understand this. The waiter gives coffee and Arjun leaves by writing his phone number on the tissue. Sam smiles.

Dilip gets angry. Radhika says Sam will come. Dilip says we should have not come here without appointment letter. Radhika says office people said she will come tomorrow. Dilip’s friend says why did she not send any appointment. Dada ji says don’t worry, she will meet tomorrow. Dilip says if she does not come, we will go back in evening. Sam recalls Arjun’s words. Neil comes to her. Sam asks will he ask her to go home again. He says sorry, I did not mean to say that. She says will she go if he says and smiles.

Neil asks her to be always like she is. She tells about the offer from Samudra and she will like to take the job, its good agency. Neil says you will take clients along. Sam says I know. Neil asks will she work for the rivals. Sam says yes. Neil looks at her. Its morning, Dilip says we will leave today if Sam does not meet. Sam and Neil brush teeth and he gives the common brush to her. He says I m joking. She wears his t shirt and cuts it to alter. He asks is she going to Samudra office. She says yes.

Dada ji asks Radhika to come to office, if Sam does not come, we will leave and asks Dilip to book tickets. Dilip says right, its no use to waste time here. Radhika asks Dada ji. He says if she does not come, we will go her home. Radhika smiles.

Piyali says she will handle the clients. Samrat says they came to know Sam left birdsong. She says birdsong is more than Sam. They argue and he says he can go to his daughter, he does not wish to do anything without Sam, I guess great Piyali Khanna does not need anyone’s help. He says good luck and leaves. Piyali calls someone and says I need you, come in conference room. Mrs. Chadda asks Neil to get Sam by any way.

Radhika and Dada ji come there and ask for Sam. The clients wait for Sam in the conference room. Piyali says she will take time to come. They say they will wait for Sam. Neil brings Sam to Samudra and asks is she sure. She gets down the car and goes inside Samudra. Manmarziyan…………..plays……………………

Sam says I m sorry Radhika, I did not give you job, I was anger on someone. Radhika tells Dilip to take her back, Mumbai is big for her dreams and everyone will be lost here. She cries.

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