May I Come In Madam Season 2 6th January 2024 Written Update

May I Come In Madam Season 2 6th January 2024 Written Update by MA

May I Come In Madam Season 2 6th January 2024 Written Episode

Sajan noticing flowers bouquet and chocolates on the table asks Ramvati to tell her fiancee to stop acting creepy at this age and send her flowers before marriage. Ramvati says Balu gifted these flowers and chocs to Kashmira as an apology. Sajan fumes on Balu. Kashmira shouts in her sleep. Sajan says she again saw a weird dream. Kashmira says she saw him bathing Balu. Sajan asks her to stop her weird dreams or else he will send her to mental assylum. Kashmira runs away.

While going to office, Sajan stops at Balu. Balu notices him while peeling a banana and hides it. Sajan asks him what he thinks about romance after marriage. Balu says he and his wife are v ery romantic. Babli hears them standing near door and feels happy. Sajan asks what about extramarital affair. Babli whistles and runs inside home. Balu says Babli’s eyes brighten when she sees Sajan. Sajan says he is asking what Bali feels about Kashmira. Balu thinks Sajan will beat him and says he doesn’t feel anything. Sajan says he is going far away soon and wants Balu to take care of Kashmira in his absence. Balu gets very happy and offers banana to him.

Sajan reaches office and finds peon unconscious inside the lift. He thinks peon is dead. Masked man pops out of lift and says liftman will wake up in 30 minutes and threatens Sajan to get Chedi into the lift at 3 p.m. while he cuts lift’s cable and kill Chedi. Sajan refuses. Masked man threatens to kill either Kashmira or Sanjana. Sajan hesitantly agrees. He enters office. Sanjana offers him flower bouquet and flirts with him. Sajan thinks she has fallen in his love. He calls Khiloni and tells him that he thinks Sanjana has fallen in his love. Chedi refuses to believe him.

Ramvati goes to buy bangles for Ramvati and tries on his hands. Bangle seller says men and women’s hands are differently built, so he should try bangles on some lady. He stops a passerby lady and tries bangles on her. Ramvati passes bby and seeing that pushes the lady far away.
Chedi explains the whole story. Ramvati refuses to believe him and walks away crying. Comedic events continue..

Precap: Commissioner gives a tonic to Sanjana and says it’s 2 drops will make a person speak out his biggest secret. Chedi waits for the lift. Lift falls down. Sanjana asks Sajan who was in the lift. Sajan says her father.

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