May I Come In Madam Season 2 8th January 2024 Written Update

May I Come In Madam Season 2 8th January 2024 Written Update by MA

May I Come In Madam Season 2 8th January 2024 Written Episode

Ramvati tells Kashmira that her doubt was right that Chedi is characterless. Kashmira asks if Chedi did something. Ramvati says all men are same. Balu walks in and says he is not like that. Kashmira asks why did he come again. Balu says Sajan met him in the mornign and forgave him, even she should forgive him. He asks her to hug her and forgive. Kashmira shows a kitchen knife at him. He says its okay if she doesn’t want to hug him. Ramvati brutally trashes him and vents out Chedi’s anger on him.

Commissioner brings a truth serum for Sanjana and says it will make anyone blurt out their truth. She asks if it really works. Commissioner says it works 100%. She silently adds serum in water and offers him. He describes how scientist used a chemical from women’s stomach who gossip a lot. He drinks water and starts blurting out his truth. She asks him what is his chidhood nickname. He says pinky as his mother wanted a girl and got a boy instead, so she nicked him pinky. She asks if he takes bribe. He says a lot, not money but his favorite food. She asks if he ever fell in love. He says her mummy as he fell in her mummy’s love when he, Chedi, and her mummy were studying together; he sent Chedi with his proposal, but Chedi made his setting instead; he wanted to kill Chedi, but couldn’t as Chedi is his lifetime friend. Sanjana thinks this truth serum is very potent, Sajan will blurt out truth for sure.

Pyari starts flirting with Bhupesh and offers him engagement rings. Bhupesh asks what is this. Pyari says these are engagement rings, they will be united forever. Bhupesh scolds her to stop dreaming. Pyari threatens to inform Kashmira. Bhupesh agrees to wear it, tricks him, and runs away. Commissioner asks Chedi to order something to eat. Chedi says he is angry on Ramvati and describes what she did. Commissioner says Ramvati has misunderstood him as it’s obvious. He says he can’t bear Ramvati and wants to leave her.

Sajan walks to Chedi and tells him that a client is waiting for him downstairs, so he should go via lift soon. Chedi says client should meet him in office. Sajan says client is in a hurry. Chedi walks towards lift. Sajan feels sad that Chedi will die in a lift. Chedi waits near lift. Bhupesh gets into lift before him and leaves. Masked man watches that. Chedi waits near lift. Pyari walks to him searching for Bhupesh and asks what happened. Chedi says Bhupesh pushed him and ran away. Sajan waits near lift. Sanjana hears lift breaking down and asks who is in the lift. Sajan says her father. She insists him to open the lift door. He breaks the door open and finds Bhupesh inside the lift instead. Comedic events continue…

Precap: Chedi informs Sanjana that Sajan is involved in a conspiracy to kill him, he doesn’t know if it’s true. Sanjana says they will find out truth tomorrow as she got truth serum from commissioner. She flirts with Sajan and makes him drink serum-mixed juice, thinks now Sajan will reveal what was he hiding.

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