Meet 17th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 17th September 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 17th September 2023 Written Episode

Sumeet pleads with the band members to let her join them because she needs to rescue her husband. At first, they are hesitant, fearing trouble, but she begs them, explaining that she only wants to save her husband. Eventually, they agree to take her along because they need someone to play the Dhol for their band. Sumeet expresses her gratitude, and they allow her to join.

The inspector shows wanted poster of Shlok to crowd says I’m sure he came to spy on our holy country. The crowd says we won’t let him go back. Shlok hears the angry crowd and decides they need to escape from the area immediately. Akki says I’m feeling hungry. Shlok says soon we will eat at better place but for now, we have to leave. Akki asks Shlok if they’re going to die, but Shlok reassures him, promising to take him back home and share stories of their adventures. As Shlok walks through the street, he is stopped by someone who initially frightens him. However, it turns out to be a young boy begging for money to help his sick mother. Shlok gives him money from his wallet. The toy shop owner notices it’s Indian currency and suspects Shlok of being a spy, sparking alarm in the area.

Back at home, the Chowdhury family tries to prevent Sumeet from going to Pakistan. Sumeet insists she must go to bring back Shlok and Akki. Raj offers to go in her place since he can secure a visa through his contacts, but Sumeet explains she doesn’t have the luxury of time and needs to leave immediately. Shlok advises Akki to stay hidden because if anyone catches them, they’ll lose the game they’re playing. The inspector arrives and demands Shlok come out, insisting he cannot escape. Shlok grabs some objects, throws them in the inspector’s path, and makes a run for it.

Dad adamantly opposes Sumeet’s departure, and Raj decides to leave, planning to arrange his trip to Pakistan independently. Sumeet believes it’s too difficult for Shlok and Akki to survive in Pakistan and cannot wait another two days, as she has a nagging feeling that something bad is happening. In Pakistan, Shlok is pursued by both the police and an angry crowd. He hides, but the inspector manages to wound his leg with a knife, causing it to bleed. Shlok continues to limp away and is intercepted by a man who tells him his son is with them.

This Pakistani man brings Shlok to his home, where he tends to Shlok’s injured leg. He reassures Shlok that not everyone in Pakistan is the same, and he considers himself a good person who helped his nephew by giving him money for his sick mother. Shlok explains that he’s a simple guy with a family back in India. The man offers Shlok a hiding place and informs him that Bilawal, who accused him of being a spy, lost his brother in a war, which is why he views all Indians as enemies. Shlok decides to disguise himself as Adil, a Muslim, to avoid detection.

Sumeet packs her bags and discreetly leaves home without informing anyone. As she makes her exit, she encounters Poonam at the door.

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