Meet 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Meet 23rd May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 23rd May 2023 Written Episode

Meet asks Chiku’s fake parents where do you live. Both if them tell different address. Man handles the situation. Lady says we have to leave, Panditji must be waiting for pooja. Meet says wait for sometime I have to buy gifts for Monu. Lady says I understand your feelings you can grab gufts for him. Meet walks away. Lady start scolding Monu. Man gets call from Kanika and asks where are you. He says we are just leaving Meet has gone to get some gifts. Kanika says leave fast I’m reaching the destination in sometime and put the kid in ambulance no one will doubt and I have done all the arrengements.

Gunwanti walks to Sumeet and asks what have you written in English. Sumeet says I LOVE TAIJI. Gunwanti says tell me truth what have you written. Mahendra walks in and says she has written Welcome Chiku Bhaiya and mocks Gunwanti. Mahendra walks to Sumeet and says you Chiku bhaiyya won’t come now he went with his parents. Sumeet says I’ll bring him back. Gunwanti says to Mahendra how is she sure Chiku is coming back, is Meet bringing him back. Mahendra asks Gunwanti to call Kanika and ask about the situation. Gunwanti calls Kanika and asks about Chiku says Meet is bringing Chiku back to home. Kanika confused says I’ll call you back later. Sumeet hear everything says you were talking Kanika about Chiku right what were you talking. Gunwanti says I was talking about fruit Chiku to my friend Kanika. Sumeet says I feel like you are lying to me. Gunwanti says don’t try to act smart and asks her to go away. Mahendra says you are like your mother now go and play. Sumeet says first I’ll go and get Chiku.

Manmeet and Meet looking for Chiku and his parents. Manmeet get’s call from Sapna and she says Sumeet’s cycle is not here. Meet asks what happen. Sapna says I went to kitchen to get milk for her but she went out, I believe she left for hospital because she was worried about Chiku. Meet says okay and disconnects. Meet aaks Manmeet to check both the routes.

Man says to Kanika your work is done kid is with us now please transfer the amount and you will get the kid. Kanika transfer the amount and says bring the kid to me I can’t wait anymore. Man says we will be there soon don’t worry. Meet on street looking for Sumeet and sees the man having sweet and remembers he is diabetic. Meet says how is he having sweet and looks for Chiku, she walks forward to keep and eye on him. Lady on phone with her friend discussing about watching a movie. Meet says they tole me about pooja and now she is talking about watching a movie. Man discussing about the money. Lady says we should have asked more money for this kid then we could have bought a house and a car. Meet says they are selling Chiku for some money.

Sumeet on street. Manmeet stops her and asks where were you going. Sumeet asks him who told you I’m here. Manmeet says your doll told me now tell me where were you going. Sumeet says when will I get smart like you. Manmeet says you are already smart now tell me where where you going. Sumeet says I was looking for you because I was worried and want to meet Chiku. Manmeet get’s call from Meet. He says I finally found the Sumeet she was in market. Meet says thankgod yoi find her because nothing is right at my side these two are not Chiku real parents they lied to us. Manmeet says how we will take Chiku from them we don’t have any evidence. Meet says we will get evidence first take Sumeet home and tell her we will bring Chiku back no need to go anywhere. Manmeet says take care of yourself and keep eye on them. Meet says now they have to pay for there wrong doings.

Lady says to Man I’ll make jewellery from this money. They see lots of people running in opposite direction. He asks one of the person why everyone is running. He says during digging the wrestling arena they found lots of gold and coins and everyone is running to get them. Man says to lady let’s go and try our luck to grab something. Lady says let’s go and check. Man gets call from Kanika. Lady says forget her and they leave with Chiku. Both of them busy looting gold. Manmeet and Meet put cloth on them and start beating them with stick. Meet says you both will be going to jail for selling a kid and police takes them away. Meet sees Chiku she rush to him and hugs him. Chiku feeling safe in her arms.

Man and Lady in police station. Meet and Manmeet also walks in. Meet says they are fraud they were trying to sell Chiku. Manmeet says to inspector you are a government official and that’s how you are doing your job. Meet says because of your negligence Chiku must have gone in bad hands. Inspector says they were crying a lot so I thought they are real parents and apologies to them. Meet says do you have any idea if I complaint about this to your senior what will happen to you. Inspector says I’m sorry I’ll investigate everything from them and take them inside. Manmeet grabs Chiku’s file and give to Meet. Meet checks the documents and says all documents are fake but still officially signed by officers, making a fake DNA report is jot easy I believe someone powerful is behind everything. Manmeet says this means someone else is playing real game.

Kanika in anger throwing everything says Meet and Chiku are driving me crazy.

Chiku enter the house. Gunwanti asks what is he doing here. Sapna saya his parents left him. Gunwanti says baf omen is back in the house. Jasodha says did send him out one time and I believed you, thankgod Meet explained me everything and one more thing no kid is baf omen. Sapna says those fake parents were the members of gang who sell kids. Jasodha says yes I know that. Gunwanti says how can we believe this.

Gunwanti says to Kanika let’s have tea together and asks her to sign the factory documents. Mahendra says we ere bringing this file to you because we need to start the work as soon as possible. Kanika takes the file says if you want approval on this file then you have to do a small work of mine and only you two can do that. Gunwanti asks what’s the work. Kanika says I want Chiku. Mahendra says what you want from that orphan. Kanika says no questions, if you want approval give me that kid or else forget about your factory, you have time till midnight answer me yes or no, in both conditions your life will change.

Meet says to Manmeet whoever is trying to catch Chiku are planning a big thing, they are spending lot’s of money to catch Chiku, why do they want to catch him, is that possible Chiku know something about them and don’t want it to come forward.

Sarkar says to Mahendra and Gunwanti tomorrow is Sumeet’s birthday do something special so that Meet remembers that for lifelong. Mahendra says this time that kid will go to Kanika.
Mahendra says to Kanika today you will get yhe child.
Kanika on call says how much time more you will take for kid, Minister sir have threaten me if the kid is not with him in next half n hour them my job and your dream both will be gone.

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