Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 4th June 2024 Written Update

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 4th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 4th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mandira asking what will we do now. Aaji says we should throw her out of this house. Shivam asks when did you tell me about your education. She says I told you on the wedding night, my English is poor. He asks why do you talk in English if you can’t speak, talk in the language you know, I don’t want to talk on this topic. Aaji looks on and smiles. She says I will break her pride. Its morning, Shivam gets ready and comes. He tells Aaji about the eye infection. She asks him to take rest, there is powercut at the office. He asks what, we have much work to do, how will we manage it here. She calls Sajeeri. She says she said she can handle the house responsibilities, we should give her a chance, we will see how she shares your duties, we have no option. She asks Sajeeri can you handle it. Sajeeri says I will try my best. Shivam says there is a diff in tiffin centre and restaurant. Aaji says I know. He agrees for Aaji’s sake. Aaji says I have make sure that she leaves this house soon. Shivam and Sajeeri make the food. Nalini comes and says I got to know it’s a big order, so we have come to help. He asks Nalini to make chutney and chop the veggies. Nalini and Priya help. Shivam says the food will be pure veg without onions and garlic. Aaji and Mandira look on. Mandira asks what’s your plan, you got them together in the kitchen. Aaji says its okay, just do as I say. She tells her something.

Shivam says frosting machine is in the office, how shall I do icing. Sajeeri asks what’s that machine. He says icing machine. She says machine isn’t needed, we don’t decorate the cake with machine. She makes a plastic cover pouch. She shows the cone to Shivam and asks him to do it. Priya says it’s a nice idea.

Aaji comes and asks Nalini and Priya to go and do their work. She sends them away. Sajeeri thinks Shivam is working with passion, he is so talented. Mandira comes there and gets an egg. Shivam says everything is ready, I will finish the packing. Sajeeri offers help. He says I will do. He gets a call and says I can’t talk to the customer right now, I m busy. Sajeeri says talk to them, I will handle this. He asks will you manage it. She says yes. He asks her to use wrapping paper. He goes. Sajeeri thinks what to use for packaging. Yash and Riya come there. Sajeeri asks them to get some junk newspapers. Mandira empties the egg and puts the shell in the food. Someone hides the legal papers in the newspapers. The kids get the newspapers for Sajeeri. Aaji comes out and says kids can’t understand it, Sajeeri can’t read the contract papers, did Mandira do her work or not. She stops Shivam by acting dizzy. Sajeeri looks for the scissors. Mandira hides in the chest. Sajeeri tries to open it. She sees the scissors fallen there and picks it.

Shivam makes Aaji sit. Nalini gets a thermometer. Vikram comes and asks what happened. Aaji coughs. Nalini goes to get water. Aaji dips the thermometer in the tea and acts in front of Shivam. Vikram looks on. Shivam says its 102, its very high fever. Nalini says but her body is cold. Sajeeri picks the papers. Mandira leaves from there.

Sajeeri says I felt someone ran away. She packs the food in the newspapers. Shivam says we should go to the doctor. Mandira signs Aaji. Aaji says I m fine, go now, don’t worry. Shivam comes to the kitchen and sees the food packed in the newspapers. He gets angry and asks what’s this. He throws the things in anger. He shouts on her. Nalini and everyone come. He asks everyone to see the packaging done in newspaper. He sees the contract paper and says don’t tell me, you used the contract papers to pack the food.

Shivam shouts on seeing Sachi’s pic. He raises hand on Sajeeri. Nalini slaps him and lectures him.

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