Mehndi Wala Ghar 16th April 2024 Written Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 16th April 2024 Written Update by Amena

Mehndi Wala Ghar 16th April 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Manoj saying we should go to the hospital. They all rush. Mauli treats Rahul. Vijay asks Ajanta how did the accident happen. She tells everything. Vijay cries and begs Manoj to save Rahul. Manoj says Rahul is my son too, calm down. He goes to the OT and sees Mauli. Mauli cries seeing Rahul. Manoj says its not good for the patient if the doctor gets emotional. He treats Rahul. Mauli assists him. Janki says Mauli and Manoj are doing their work, we will pray. They go to the temple and pray for Rahul. Manoj and Mauli check Rahul. Manoj says calm down, he is okay, don’t worry. Mauli cries holding Rahul’s hand and says I have lost a lot in life, I can’t lose you, I can’t live without you, I love you, Rahul. Rahul gets conscious. He says Mauli… She thinks did he hear it. She asks how are you feeling. He says Mauli… you were saying something. She says nothing, you need rest, I will go and tell everything that you got conscious. He says I have to say something, tell me, did I hear anything wrong, just tell me once. Mauli holds his hand and says I love you. He says I love you too. They hug and smile. Baatein kuch ankahee si…plays… Mauli imagines this. Everyone comes and meets Rahul. Rahul says I m fine. Mauli leaves.

Manoj stops Ajanta from coming. Mauli says Rahul is fine. Jyoti says because you were with him, I heard, you love Rahul. Mauli says no. Jyoti asks her to accept her love. Swara goes to pacify Ajanta. She says I will explain Manoj. Jyoti hugs Mauli and says Rahul also loves you. Mauli says I don’t know. Jyoti says he did a lot for you. Mauli says this is wrong, Rahul is Manas’ cousin brother, no one will accept our relation. Jyoti says no, you aren’t Manas’ wife, everyone knows it, Rahul and your love isn’t breaking any limits, close Manas’ book and write a love story on a fresh page with Rahul. Mauli hugs her. Swara says Manoj’s heart is clear, he doesn’t keep anything in his heart, I will convince him, come home. Ajanta hugs Swara. Mauli hopes Rahul also loves her. Manoj says Rahul is out of danger. Tanvi asks can we take him home. Manoj says yes. Golu says its Ram Navami, Rahul is coming home, we should do something to welcome him. He tells his idea. Mauli likes the idea. Rohit goes to Rahul. He says everyone left for home. Rahul asks what. Rohit says yes, they were getting bored. Rahul gets upset. He comes home and says my family left me alone in the house. Everyone welcomes Rahul and surprises him. He stumbles. Mauli holds him.

Mauli asks Manoj to forgive Ajanta. Manoj refuses. Mauli says I will leave the house with Ajanta.

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