Mehndi Wala Ghar 9th February 2024 Written Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 9th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Mehndi Wala Ghar 9th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mini talking to Saloni. Saloni wishes her and hugs. Mauli thinks I have to plan something to stop them here until Mini’s marriage. Rahul sees her and thinks her plans failed, I will go to London. Tanvi says we have to book tickets and go back. Swara thinks its good to go back. Tanvi shows the bangles and says Janki gave this to me on my Mu dikhai. Swara says I remember. Tanvi says I want to give these bangles to Saloni. Swara asks what are you saying. Tanvi asks don’t I have a right on Vaibhav and Saloni. She says you know I have… Swara cries. She says I know Tanvi, new people don’t know this, so be quiet, don’t claim your rights after so many years. She thinks to leave soon. Mini says you all have to leave, there is no way. Mauli says you call your Sasural and call them home. Rahul hears them. Mini asks what will they do here. Rahul says Mauli is making a plan. Mini says just Janki and Bade Papa talks to them. Mauli asks her to talk to Vicky. Mini says no, its not allowed. Rahul asks what do you mean, why isn’t it allowed. Mini says its Ujjain, not London, I met Vicky twice, Golu used to accompany me. Rahul laughs and jokes on her. Mauli asks him to leave, she has to talk to Mini. Rahul calls out Golu. Mauli says just go. He says fine, tell me, what are you going to do, why do you want to call her Sasural here, are you making a super flop plan to stop us here. She goes. He thinks she is planning something.

She sees Bade Papa and goes to talk to him. Tanvi says I m not counting any favor, I want to hug Vaibhav once and give nek to my bahu, how shall I forget that Vaibhav is my son, he is Rahul’s twin brother. Swara recalls Tanvi giving Vaibhav to Swara.

Swara says you had sworn on Vijay and promised me, you will never let Vaibhav know the truth. Tanvi says I remember everything, I want to hug Vaibhav once. Swara says you have come to take Vaibhav to London. Tanvi says no. Swara argues. Rahul says Mauli is planning with Bade Papa, I have to make her plan flop. Vaibhav asks where are you going. Rahul says temple. Vaibhav asks will you go in these clothes, did you forget manners. Rahul says I can wear anything. Vaibhav says its called values, I can stop you, I m your brother, I have a right, look at me, one has to wear proper clothes and go to temple. Rahul says I m in a hurry, let me go. Vaibhav says no way. Rahul tricks him and runs. He takes a dhoti and runs. Vaibhav pays for the dhoti. Janki asks what did you wear. Rahul says a big scam is planned at home, I need your help.

They come home. Janki scolds Mauli for planning to stop everyone. Mini’s in laws come. Mauli asks them to come. She goes to get tea. Rahul says she failed my plan. The lady says Janki has a good fate, the entire family has come to attend Mini’s wedding, its great. Mauli gets the tea and breakfast. She says Mini has made it. Mini serves the tea. Vicky smiles. They like the tea. The lady taunts Manoj, Vijay and Ajay for ditching Manisha. Manisha gets sad. The lady says everyone knows how your family got insulted at Manisha’s time, don’t make any mess in Mini’s marriage, do your responsibility and earn some respect. Ajay says Mini is like our daughter, we will do our best. Janki sees Mauli.

Janki blesses Mini. The decorations fall down. Everyone is shocked. Mauli sees someone and follows. She doubts the family members.

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