Mera Balam Thanedaar 5th February 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 5th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 5th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with hotel staff telling Veer that Maam is waiting for him in the room. Bulbul comes to the room and looks for the switch. Rana brings Dhristi there and asks her to listen to Veer calmly. The hotel staff tells that he had compromised with the switch just as he said. Rana says it will be fun to watch live. Bulbul thinks Veer and Dhristi will come now, and thinks to go from there seeing Veer, but she sees the LED lights falls on her and she falls on Veer. The lights get entangled on them. Dhristi comes there and sees them together, and asks if he called her for this, and goes upset. Rana sees it in his phone and gets happy. Veer asks Bulbul if she knew about Dhristi’s kidnapping and stayed quiet and did everything intentionally. Bulbul says if you had trusted me then wouldn’t have asked me. She goes and prays to God. She gets call on Veer’s phone and tells Constable Giri tells her that they have found about the goon who kidnapped Dhristi, and is sending his location. Bulbul checks the location, and goes there in Police uniform. Veer reaches the PS.

The constable tells Veer that Bulbul didn’t see Dhristi as the kidnappers had taken her from there already, before she could see her. Veer says I knew she was innocent. He calls on his mobile and Bulbul picks the call and tells that she has reached the location and will prove her innocence. He asks her to come back. Veer is on the way to reach there. Bulbul comes there and asks the goons to hands up and head down. She thinks to use her formula and make them confess. She fires with fake gun to make them know that she is a fake Inspector. They laugh. She asks why did they kidnap Dhristi? The goon says he kidnapped her to sell her on Rana’s sayings. Bulbul is shocked. He says he couldn’t sell Dhristi, but now he will sell her.

Bulbul says she is weak in studies, but intelligent in such things. She asks the goon to come to the PS and confess his crime. She fights with them. The goon makes her fall and is about to kick her, when Veer comes and holds his feet. He fights with the goons and arrests them. He asks why did you come here? Bulbul says she wants to prove her innocence. He says sorry and says you will not do this again.

They come home. Veer calls Rana and Dhristi. They come out. Dhristi sees the goon and beats him. Veer says due to Bulbul’s courage, the real guilty will be punished. He asks the goon to tell the truth, but the goon tells that he will not tell anything wrong against anyone. Bulbul plays the recording in which the goon is confessing that Rana planned Dhristi’s kidnapping as they don’t want their enemy to get the bahu. Rana says this is a lie. Dhristi blames him for ruining her life, and tells that she misunderstood Veer due to him. Veer says now nobody can save Rana, not even Bhavani Singh. He appreciates her for her courage. Dhristi hugs Bulbul and cries, regretting not to trust Veer. Bulbul asks her to apologize to Veer and he will forgive her. She thinks my work is over yet, and I shall go home. The Police takes Rana from there. Dhristi takes sindoor and asks Veer to fill her maang with sindoor and make him as his wife.

Vayu sees Bulbul packing her stuff. He goes to Vardhan and asks him to stop Bulbul. Vardhan says let husband and wife shall decide, if they want to separate or unite. Dhristi asks Veer to fill her maang with sindoor and says we are made for each other. Veer walks towards her. Dhristi says I know even you are eager to marry me, and asks him to give her wife’s place. Bulbul cries in the room. Veer says I can’t do this Dhristi. He nods no. The sindoor flies off due the wind and the box gets empty. Veer tells Dhristi that he has married Bulbul and now he can’t give her place to anyone. Bulbul hears them. Veer asks Dhristi why did she lie to him, and why she didn’t reach mandap? Dhristi says your marriage is a compromise. He says he can’t break his marriage with Bulbul as he has given her 7 vows. Dhristi says if you can’t break your marriage, then I will break and tries to break Bulbul’s mangalsutra, but Bulbul holds her hand.

She says enough Jiji, I will not let you touch my suhaag signs, and says this means a lot to me and I do care, and says I am not educated like you, but I remember whatever Maa told me. She says it is not like black beads tied in the thread, but it is my responsibility. She says Thanedar saa made me wear it, and if he asks me then I will take it off. Veer says Bulbul will never take off her suhaaf stuff. Dhristi accuses Veer for doing fake promises with her etc. Bulbul asks her not to accuse her thanedar saa. Dhristi says Veer always wanted an educated and classy wife, and asks if you know English and says you couldn’t talk properly and asks what you have? Veer says she has her thanedar saa. He says they will resolve the differences whatever they have. Dhristi says I will see how your relation blossom? She thinks she will return and will get Veer back.

Veer asks Bulbul to come inside the house. Vardhan stops her and puts ghatbandhan cloth on their shoulders. He says now the grah pravesh will happen of the griha lakshmi. He asks Bulbul to leave her hand impressions on the wall and step inside after the grih pravesh. Bulbul comes inside. Vardhan feels proud of her and asks her to do her wife’s and bahu’s duties. He asks her not to let her marriage break and says we all are with Veer in this decision. Bulbul promises in her heart that she will not let anything happen to their relation or family.

Precap: Devender tells Gita that Veer shall not know that Bulbul is under 18. Bulbul hears and asks what is he saying?

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