Mere Sai 16th May 2023 Written Update

Mere Sai 16th May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Mere Sai 16th May 2023 Written Episode

Keshav and Prahlad reach home. Prahlad calls everyone in Kulkarni’s clinic. Kulkarni asks what is happening. Keshav says Prahlad has made a decision and I am with him. Kulkarni says what is it. Prahlad says I love you and respect you a lot and wouldn’t think bad for me but I am not happy with your decision and so don’t send me to London. Kulkarni asks what do you want to do. Prahlad says I have found my mission and vision, I will teach kids in Shirdi especially underprivileged kids. Tejaswini starts scolding Prahlad. Kulkarni says to Tejaswini, look Prahlad is making his own decision, so come take my blessings. Prahlad smiles and goes to Kulkarni. Kulkarni slaps him. Keshav steps in and says enough, dare you touch my son because he is not wrong. Prahlad says let him hit me, I am ready to accept every punishment but will never get married to Sonali and no one can change this decision. Prahlad leaves.
Kulkarni blames Keshav and calls him enemy. Keshav says you are our enemy who keep us away from our happiness. Keshav leaves and sees Sonali and Prabhakar waiting outside. Sonali happy after knowing Prahlad doesn’t want to marry.

Prabhakar says to Kulkarni what nonsense is this, you brought this proposal and you son and grandson aren’t accepting your decisions. Kulkarni says atleast my family talks to me and not insult me infront of society. Tejaswini walks to Prabhakar and Kulkarni and says everyone denies in the starting and they are today’s kids but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to get married. Kulkarni says Tejaswini is right. Prabhakar says I don’t have much time and if you want the deal accept this offer. Tejaswini says leave that to me.

Tejaswini takes Sonali and says come seat with me and says you look worried, I understand because even I came from Bombay to Shridi, you can share yoru feelings and all will be fine. Sonali says it will because I will do what I want to. Tejaswini sees Prahlad and says look Sonali is so upset, go show her Shirdi. Sonali thinks this is right time to clear things with him and says good idea. Tejaswini says we have beautiful farms you will love it.
Tejaswini thinks I will make sure they say yes.

Sonali and Prahlad walking. Sonali says to Prahlad good you denied even I didn’t want to marry. Prahlad smiles and says I thought you agreed to come with me to convince me for marriage. Sonali says I have said no to my Papa.
Sonali says to Prahlad when we don’t want to marry why are they forcing us and says sorry I spoke in English. Prahlad says I understand English. Sonali asks Prahlad to hold her umbrella as shivalry. Prahlad says I didn’t ask you to get one. Sonali says the weather is terrible here. Prahlad sees a farmer collapse and rushes for help. Prahlad sees everyone and says you all look so tired. Farmers say its so hot. Prahlad says go rest for sometime or else you all will fall sick, meet Sai and Sai will find a way for you all. Sonali hears that and says will your Sai come and hold umbrella’s for them. Prahlad says if Sai wants he can bring clouds here.

Sonali shocked to see Sai walk to them and clouds following Sai and says is this for real. Farmers happy to see clouds giving them shadow. Prahlad says look as I said Sai can do anything. Sonali asks where is Sai, this is just a coincidence and you thought its a miracle. Farmers pray and thank to Sai. Sonali laughs at them. Prahlad says please do not make fun of our devotion. Sonali says Sai looks like a beggar and you think he has powers he is just looting you. Prahlad says enough, you are insulting my guru, when I first met you I judged you but Sai made me realise I shouldn’t talk bad about you without knowing you and so before you pass statements about Sai you should meet Sai.

Prahlad drags Sonali to meet Sai. Sonali and Prahlad see a man thanking Sai for helping his kid find a job. Sai says your son worked hard and so he got job. A kid rushes to Sai and thanks Sai for talking to his mother and his wnshe doesn’t hit him anymore and says have this udhi and it will cure your cold. Sonali says to Prahlad enough of thia drama. Prahlad says did you see Sai taking money. Sonali says whatever I won’t change my thoughts. Sai walks to them and says she is right and says to Prahlad don’t question her thoughts but respect them, having trust our devotion is a personal journey you can’t force it. Sonali says I think by brains and. not hearts and Fakhirs like him just talk big and all they want is money and are fraud. Prahlad gets angry. Sai stops him and says you believe in me or you don’t just remember you are alone, God has his blessings on you. Sonali says I can’t take this drama anymore and leaves. Sai asks Prahlad to be with Sonali and says she is new here don’t leave her alone.

Precap: Sonali goes to Sai and says show some miracle and make me meet my mother. Sai asks her do you want to meet your grandmother too. Sonali says they are dead. Sai says you have been told lies.
Santa tells Prahlad, Kulkarni has decided to give up on his life because you have denied to marry Sonali.

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