Mere Sai 22nd March 2023 Written Update

Mere Sai 22nd March 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Mere Sai 22nd March 2023 Written Episode

Shishupal says to Patil that you are also at fault along with Madhur and you even hide this truth from me. I thought you are my friend and gave you respect but you were just fooling around, I hate you and I don’t believe in Sai as well. Patil says try to understand I didn’t do this on purpose my son was unwell. Shishupal says because of your son I lost mine and I am not staying here anymore.
Shishupal leaving, Patil apologies but he doesn’t listen. Baji asks Shishupal to stay atleast for him. Shishupal hugs him and says sorry I can’t stay here. Sai walks to Shishupal and says will you not meet me as well. Shishupal says to Sai, you knew everything still you did this. Sai says to him, I just tried to give you little happiness and hope and about Patil he has been punished through his illness and whatever he did was to give you happiness. Shishupal says I can be happy only when I see my son, I used to celebrate my birthday with my grandson and its in 2 days and because of Patil I can’t do that. Sai saya didn’t Baizmaa, Rambha, Tatya, Baji be with you and even you know you have become attached to them. Shishupal says I can never forgive Patil or can stay with him. Sai says then how will you meet your family, Sai says Patil and you both are at fault, Patil bribed and Shishupal giving work all importance and the day you lost your wife wasn’t your fault but you missed all other important events.

Sai says to Shishupal when you finally got hope you are running away, just keep your anger away for 2 days and you will know why. Patil pleads Shishupal to stay. Patil asks Sai what will happen in 2 days. Sai says the work has already started.

Shishupal’s grandson Bablu waiting for Lokesh, Lokesh walks in with gift. Bablu says I don’t want this, I want Ajooba, I want to celebrate birthday with Ajooba. Lokesh says look I brought tabla for you. Bablu says I told you I want to celebrate birthday with Ajooba, Lokesh says it’s not possible. Bablu says I want to celebrate with Ajooba or else I don’t want anything, why did you fight with Ajooba, you were angry why did you separate me from him and runs away in tears.

Shishupal in his room, Patil goes to help him, Shishupal says you have done lot of favours I don’t want anything just leave me alone. Patil leaves.
Baizmaa sees Patil worried and says he didn’t talk to you right. Patil says I knew he wouldn’t and I didn’t know I was ruining someone’s life. Baizmaa says you didn’t do on purpose and remember what Sai says everyone makes mistake, you just do good things. Baji walks to Patil and shows his new watch Shishupal gifted him and he said he had bought it fot Bablu but he would never see him and so he gave me. Patil says I will get you another watch Baji, we will have to give this to Bablu. Baji says okay and gives watch to Patil and leaves.
Patil says I now know what I should do and goes to meet Sai.

Madhur says to Sai, I agree I made mistakes but I didn’t steal money for what I am blamed. Sai says God never does anything wrong and you are just repaying for your mistakes and won’t be punished for something you haven’t done. Madhur says I want to apologise to Shishupal but he doesn’t want to see my face. Sai says everything has right time and you will have to wait for it.
Patil says Sai I know what I have to do, please tell me where is Lokesh. Sai says in Nashik but where in Nashik you have to find that. Patil says Sai, I am happy I know what mistakes I have done and can fix them and it’s all because of your blessings.
Sai says one person will give you Lokesh’s address, give him this letter and he will know why I have given him this letter.

Tatya insists Patil that he shouldn’t go alone and will come along. Patil says to him, I am not alone I have Sai’s blessings and leaves.
In Nashik, Patil looking for Lokesh. Patil gets tired and he faints due to heat and chants Sai’s name in dizziness.

Madhur sees Patil with Lokesh and his family and says I have talk to Sai.
Sai says to Lokesh your father is apologising too, why not forgive him. Lokesh says to Sai, this is very personal and I can never forgive Baba.

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