Mere Sai 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Mere Sai 23rd March 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Mere Sai 23rd March 2023 Written Episode

Patil faints and chants Sai’s name in dizziness. Sai at Dwarka Mai puts his hand in basket of soil and removes a stone. A huge stone appears in front of a bullock cart. The cart stops, driver says Sir, we have to go by old route this route is blocked. Sir says okay and they deroute. The stone disappears.

Ninad in cart sees Patil and shows his father, they rush to Patil for help and give him some water. Patil wakes up and drinks water. Ninads father asks him to get some food from cart. Ninad gets tiffin and his father gives puran poli to Patil.

Sai visits Shama and says, I want to get something in writing please get paper and pen. Shama says okay.

Ninad and his father Mangesh introduce themselves to Patil. Patil tells him he is looking for Lokesh. Mangesh says I just visited him and was on my way back home and gives Lokesh’s address to Patil. Patil says this is all Sai’s blessing and gives him letter given by Sai. Mangesh says I have heard about Sai but never met him, why did he write me a letter. Patil says to him, Sai said you will understand after reading this letter. Mangesh opens letter and sees its blank.

Sai starts narrating and Shama starts writing and the words appear in Mangesh’s letter.

Lokesh shows Bablu, his mother cooked his fav dishes. Bablu says I won’t anything till I meet my grandfather. Lokesh gets angry at him. Patil walks in and says don’t scold him Lokesh, make him understand patiently he will definitely listen to you and sorry I entered without permission but I am here because of some important reason and gives Bablu watch. Lokesh asks how do you know us?
Bablu asks Patil, Ajooba sent this right, he had promised me this watch, you met him right, where is he, how is he, I miss him so much.

Patil says to Bablu, he misses everyone and says Shishupal is in Shirdi at my place. Patil tells Lokesh, it was his fault Shishupal couldn’t reach in time and explains the situation.
Lokesh says this is lie. Patil says I am not lying and Shishupal is changing in Sai’s guidance atleast give him a chance, go meet him once. Bablu says to Patil I will come with you I want to meet Ajooba. Lokesh scolds Bablu. Patil asks Lokesh, Bablu is not at fault here, why keep him away from his grandfather.
Lokesh’s wife convinces him to go to Shirdi to meet Shishupal for Bablu.

Patil with Lokesh and his family arrive in Shirdi. Bablu sees Sweet shop and says to Lokesh lets buy laddu for Ajooba he likes it. His wife says lets buy it for Sai too, and visit him first.
Bablu in sweet shop pull a box and all sweetd fall down, his mother scolds him. Bablu apologies to them. Lokesh says no worries. Lokesh’s wife says you always ignore his mistakes. Sai walks in and says I am happy to see father son relation.
Patil greets Sai.

Patil introduces Sai to Lokesh and his family. Sai says remember when Bablu lied once in school and Vidya wanted to punish him but Bablu apologised and you forgive him, your father is apologising too then why not forgive him. Lokesh says you know everything and how Baba ignored his family. Sai says but he has understood his mistake. Lokesh says sorry I can’t.
Sai wishes Bablu happy birthday. Bablu takes Sai’s blessings.

Madhur sees Lokesh and his family with Patil and thinks what is he doing here I bave to talk to Sai. At Dwarka Mai, Madhur rushes to Sai. Sai says I was waiting for you, you are surprised seeing Lokesh right. Madhur says then you must know Lokesh has lodged complaint against me and if he tells about all this here, people will take me wrong but trust me I didn’t steal.
Sai says don’t blame Lokesh work towards yourself also tell Lokesh the truth. Madhur says he won’t believe me, Sai says to him, tell him the truth about Shishupal as Lokesh is Shishupal’s son.

Precap: Lokesh says to Shishupal, I am here just because Bablu insisted and we will leave soon.
Madhur walks in, Lokesh says to him, what are you doing here, let me tell you I will not change my statement.

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