Mere Sai 31st January 2018 Written Update

Mere Sai 31st January 2018 Written Update by MA

Mere Sai 31st January 2018 Written Episode

Suhasini tells that people like Sai makes money by fooling people in the name of God. Sai asks for charity and leaves from there. Tatya tells Suhasini that until his mother feeds Sai, she will not have food as she regards him as her son. Suhasini says how can you think him as your son. Bayaza tells Appa that she will take her to Sai. Appa asks do you think she will go. Bayaza says Sai can make impossible thing possible. A villager comes to Sai and offers him something. Sai tells him that his needs are not much and don’t need it. Villager asks him to accept it. Sai accepts the bag. Sai Om plays. He says Allah Malik. A poor man asks the villager to give something. They refuse. Sai asks the men coming there to make food with the things which they brought.

Bayaza comes there with suhasini. She

asks what is this? Bayaza says Sai named this Dwarka Maai. Suhasini says you brought me here and fooled me taking school’s name. Bayaza apologizes and asks her to meet Sai once and gets her answers. Suhasini looks at Sai. Poor man peeps in the vessel. The cook Chandu who is making the food asks him to go. Poor man says there is so much food, can’t you give this. Sai asks him to wash the utensils and have food. He says if you don’t do work and have food then you will insult the God.
Suhasini says wah wah. She tells Bayaza that she didn’t think that she will expose his double standard so soon. She says Sai goes to all house and gets charity, but if someone asks for charity then he is asking him to work. She says she didn’t see liar like him. She says Bayaza said that I will get answers and says I got it now and says my thinking is right about it. Osman says you are insulting Sai and you really don’t know what Sai means in Shirdi, else you have not used these words for him. Sai says we shall not come to conclusion hearing someone’s anger. He asks Suhasini what shall I call you.

Suhasini says you have snatched Tatya’s rights from him. She asks Villagers why do they come here and asks if they saw Krishna. Rano ji says he has treated my illness and helped others too. Suhasini says you are powerful, and asks him if he helps everyone then why he asks for charity. She says he can get money for treating people. Sai says he just gives medicine and pray, and God heals them. He tells the poor man that the motive behind asking him to wash utensil was that when you sit there to have food, you shall think even you have done something. Sai asks the villagers to give charity if they can and not to stress themselves to give it, or to get his name big. Osman says he has motive behind giving it. Poor man says he will do work. Bayaza says now you might have got answers from Sai and asks her to ask him if she has anything to ask. Suhasini says Shankar and I shall have food now.

Sai asks Bayaza to have saburi. Everyone sit to have food. Sai serves food in the paper plate. Keshav have the same khichdi. The mischievous boy think how is he eating it as it was not cooked in hostel. They think to keep eye on him. Later when Keshav is going, they ask him to take them. Keshav gives them a chance to rectify the mistake. Aayi tells Bayaza that Suhasini is having food before Appa and Tatya. Bayaza says she said that Shankar and I have food at this time. She gives water to Suhasini and asks if Shankar used to have food at this time. Suhasini says yes and tells that she used to have food with him. Bayaza asks if you want to give anything in charity. Aayi says for shradh. Suhasini says she will not do Shradh.

Suhasini tells Bayaza that Sai is spoiling village kids and says I will not leave him. She goes to Sai and sees Shankar holding her hand.

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